Friday, December 30, 2011

ARTE015 Freaky Funk - No One EP out now worldwide!

 Artist:  Freaky Funk
 Title:    No One EP
 Label:  Artefact Records
 cat no: ARTE015
 release date: 27.12.2011
 Track list: 1.No One
                  2.Like You

    Nikola Jovicevic aka Freaky Funk is an essential part of Montenegro electronic scene, with his name attached to almost every big event in country. His talent and love for music helped make him a proud member of two very important clubbing organizations in region: AfterBeach Parties Montenegro and RetroActive DJ team with his friend DJ Proximus.
     Freaky Funk is known for DJ'ing quality tech- and funky house all over the Montenegro seaside, as well as winning the Exit Festival DJ Competition which granted him a spot on the Exit Dance Arena Stage, playing one of the biggest festivals in Europe alongside some of its biggest DJs.
     His first EP for Macedonia's Artefact label was the Just Visiting EP which was well received in international house music circles. Now Freaky Funk follows that release with a new collection of tracks within the No One EP. These four original tracks showcase Freak Funk's trademark of deep, funky sounds alongside bouncy basslines and superbly blended vocal bits.
     High production skills and a strong musical flare are on evidence here, offering top cuts aimed directly for the dancefloor but still suitable for casual, home listening. Touches of disco and classic underground flavors seal the deal, making for an EP that should fit like a glove in most house music DJ's playlists.

    With the support of great number of djs and producers around the globe, this ep is set to be Freaky Funk's the most successful  release to date.

Get your copy at:

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Some of the feedback:

Davidson Ospina
FUNKY!!! great quality HOUSE MUSIC!

Sebastian Davidson
Funky ASS house music! Support!

Hippie Torrales
Good ep package.

Al Bradley/Audiotonic/Chemical
ALl 4 cuts are strong here, each one showing a real knack for dancefloor sensibilities. The one for me is the deeper vibe of 'Like You', really wicked deep-tech grooves.

Nick Holder
Fun party bumpin package here! Thanks for sending!

Andy Ward
not sure which is my favourite and im sure with more time the review would be higher.

Doc Link
Good energy here!! Thanks

Nacho Marco
Will play it.

Angel Rize
Amazing EP nice, groovy and funky. Very nice Mr. Freaky Funk.

These are 4 really exciting tracks. Groovy disco funk in a bubbling silky form; tactfully rockin that thin line between elating ladies and helping the gents boogie down. Composition and production-wise, all 4 songs ride that subtle nuance that have made some classics exactly that. Regardless, Freaky Funk spells FUN. Dig it!

Kiko Martínez
Awake & No One are groovy, thanx!

Vincent Kwok
nice funky tracks

Bruno Lepretre
funky yeah !

Bert Bevans
Great EP in general but my favourite pick is No One.

Sabb Kastrati
nice release here! my support

Graeme Park
Some cool grooves here, but nothing that really stand out for me.

Gonzalo Menoyo
Really cool pack. Funky vibe!! Full support :-)

Kosmas Epsilon
no one and never sound really good, i will support :)

Laurent N.
Nice House Release. Quality House : nice stuff. I will play them for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!!

Marques Wyatt
diggin this

Tyree Cooper
I like this E.P it has a lil bit of funk to it..... DJ Tyree Cooper

Joey Silvero (Distant People)
funky festive vibes here, "no one" is very smooth indeed! awake is also heavy!

BKR (Marivent Music International) 
Nice release, lovin the tracks, best wishes!

Not for me, but well done! Thanks

Tommy Largo
good grooves.

Manuel Sahagun
Party tunes!

Nice Ep - Funky & Groovy - I like so much - we ll play them in our show.

Jason Hodges
nice party tracks!

DJ Rork
So Funky! I like it! In my bag!

DJ Lady D
fantastic 4-tracker. gonna get play on all of these...thanks!

Dean Facer
Superbly funky grooves.... very nice indeed !!

Hector Moralez

Monday, December 12, 2011

Preview of the upcoming release by Freaky Funk, ARTE015

Artist: Freaky Funk
Title:   No One EP
Label: Artefact Records

1.No One
2.Like You

Following his debut Freaky Funk delivers his second release on Artefact Records with the “No One” EP.

Four original tracks showcase his talent and trademark of deep, funky sounds with bouncy basslines and superbly blended vocals.
With this release Freaky has shown high production skills and a strong musical flare and offers music aimed directly for the dancefloor, but still suitable for listening pleassure in the comfort of your home or a party with your friends.

So if you dig deep, disco, funky or classic underground flavors in your electronic dance tracks then this EP will fit like a glove in your collection.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free giveaway for our first aniversary

To celebrate our first year with Artefact records, we decided to show our appreciation to all of you and to offer you two free eps of your choice from our catalog, you just need to follow us on twitter, soundcloud and like our fb page. When you do that just send us an email with the two eps of your choice and you will get the download links.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

ARTE014 One...

Out now worldwide on Beatport, Junodownload, Stompy and all the fine digital stores across the globe.....A retrospective of our first year...
......tracks supported by Hippie Torrales, Hernan Cattaneo, Tony Thomas, Shlomi Aber, Mikkel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Tom Blacksoul, Alfred Azzetto, Murray Richardson, Steve Mill, Tom Morgan, J&M Brothers, Eddie Amador, Baggi Begovic, Fabien Kamb, Marcelo Nassi, Paul Thomas, Sonny Wharton, Da Funk, Audionova, Dario D'AttisNacho Marco, Omid 16b, Kiko Navarro, Mesa Verde, Melchior Sultana, Gonzalo Menoyo, Mr Jones, DJ P (Pressure Radio), John Matteo, Jeff Ferreira, Jon Marsh, Art Patrice....

Every journey has a beginning. Our started as a hazy need to help creating pieces of music that will live on. Its been a year since we started, and what a year it was.
We had 11 releases, 19 artists, 41 tracks that found a special place on our label. So, for this occasion we have chosen 14 tracks to put on our first compilation simple called "One..". It features tracks by Angel Rize, Denny Trajkov, Dejan Dex, Pavle Vasiljevic, Goran Tech, X Twins, Freaky Funk. We believe in the trinity of great sound, deep vibes & beautiful music.
We believe in artistic freedom, never limited to one genre, always reflecting the current movements of the clubbing scene while praising the roots & origins of today's electronic music.

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ARTE013 Angel Rize - House Thing Ep - Out Now Worldwide!

Supported by Hippie Torrales , Da Funk, Tony Thomas, Gonzalo Menoyo and many others.....get your copy at Beatport, junodigital, stompy and all the other fine digital stores across the globe...

This is very special editions for us at Artefact Records, and we are dedicating it to our late friend, colleague and one of the greatest Macedonian House DJs "DJ Power aka Ljupco Mitrusev".
Rest in peace brother, you will always be in our hearts.

This special 13th release comes from the busiest Macedonian house producer Angel Rize with more then 100 productions on his belt, who serve's us with three deep and funky jams, with his very well know production signature.

House Thing EP by artefactrecords

ARTE012 Flavio Zogaib - Sunday Questions EP - out now worldwide!

During the last few months we have released two eps containing great deep and funky vibes.

The first one is the newest addition to our artist roster Brazilian DJ and producer Flavio Zogaib, giving us a treat with this beautiful and smooth drive into the funky disco vibes all put together in great package called Sunday Questions EP including Sunday Questions and We Love Fridays and enforced with three great remixes of Sunday Questions by our artists Angel Rize, Dejan Dex and Freaky Funk.

check the video we did for the original version

If you like this tracks please support our artists by buying the tracks at your prefered digital music store like Beatport, Junodownload, Stompy....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Artefact Summer Sampler Pt.2 out on 4th of July

This 4 track sampler is the second installment in the sampler series, and it is a preview of what to expect from our artists in the next few months, The tracks in this sampler are more on the deep tech sound, one from a well know artist that has been releasing for our label Goran Tech and the other three are from new additions to our artist roster.

Artefact Summer Sampler Pt.2 by artefactrecords

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Artefact Summer Sampler Pt.1 out on 27th of June

For your summer pleasures we give you this 4 track sampler first of two, as a glimpse of what to expect from our artists during the next few hot summer months, deep funky techy sounds from our well known artists as well as few new additions to our artist roster.

Artefact Summer Sampler Pt.1 by artefactrecords

Sunday, June 5, 2011


ARTE009 Jazzybella by Pavle Vasiljevic - Out now on beatport, junodownload, stompy, djdownload and all the fine digital stores across the globe.

Appeared on a promo compilation by Gramaphonedzie....

With an initial support by Hippie Torrales, Tony Thomas, Denny Trajkov, Stev Mill, Eddie Amador, Melchior Sultana, Mesa Verde, Gonzalo Menoyo and many others....

Choose your prefered digital store and support our artists.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pavle Vasiljevic - Jazzybella out soon including remixes by Angel Rize, Freaky Funk and Mark Castley

After his debut single, Pavle Vasiljevic is back again with his follow up single Jazzybella. This time he is exploring the latin sounds, with beautiful piano and live sax, a great bassline and a well laid groove to put you in a dancing mood.
Along with the original we have prepared few remixes in this package, from our well known artists Angel Rize and Freaky Funk as well as Mark Castley, upcoming UK dj and producer.

Listen to the preview using our soundcloud player or visit our soundcloud page

Jazzybella by artefactrecords

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preview of Dejan Dex's "Fuel Up The Beat - remixed" due for release on 18th of April

After the success of the original EP Fuel Up The Beat produced by Dejan Dex, our friends have prepared a delightful remixed package for your listening pleasure.
Deep sounds and funky beats all in one great bundle including remixes by Marcelo Nassi, Angel Rize, Goran Tech and the original of 3 in 1.

Check out the tracks on our soundcloud player

Monday, March 28, 2011

Artefact Records 7th release "Freaky Funk - Just Visiting EP" officially out!

Spring has just begun and we have the right sounds to start it properly :)
We are glad to present you our newest release called Just Visiting EP by Montenegro producer Freaky Funk.

Artist:Freaky Funk
Title: Just Visiting EP
Catalog no:arte007
Featuring: Trust Nobody, Simple Things, All Night, U Do It Right
Label: Artefact Records
Release date : 28th of March (21st on Stompy exclusive)
Support: Mr.Jones - Thx for sending, I will more then likely use these tracks
John Matteo - Nasty, gonna kill this Friday
Jeff Ferreira ( - Thx for the promo, great job
Tony Thomas - Cool & Funky release
Eddie Amador -  Good release
Jon Marsh (The Beloved) - Simple Things is my favorite
Art Patrice - Nice production
Gonzalo Menoyo - Lots of funk in this release, loving it - full support
Murray Richardson - Thx for the promo
and many others across the world,
Available: Stompy, Beatport, Junodigital, and all the fine digitals stores

Buy the release at:


You can preview and buy the tracks using the player bellow:

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Visiting EP by Freaky Funk exclusive on Stompy

Artist: Freaky Funk
Title: Just Visiting EP
Prelease Date: 21st of March exclusive on Stompy

"Just Visiting" a 4 track EP put together by the upcoming and very talented Montenegro producer Freaky Funk is the seventh installment to the Artefact Records catalog.
The opener of the EP "Trust Nobody"is exactly what it is an opener and mood setter with it's deep and sexy sounds laid over with funky bass line along with beautifully sampled vocals and intelligently mixed with a trumpet and an electric guitar to complete the perfect combination.
The melodic jam "Simple Things" is as simple as the name would suggest, but as powerful as can be a mix of melodic instruments, funky bass lines and male vocal that gives you a warm and groovy drive.
The next gem "All Night" opens a different perspective and puts you on the next level for the perfect dance mood, funky cords, sexy vocals and a driving bass line to get you out of your chair and right on the dance floor.
And to keep you right there, the last of this four tracker "U do it right" comes with thick and chunky beats as a foundation for dubbed vocals, filtered loops mixed with sweet bass lines used in a right amount to form a wicked groove for keeping that dancing mood, so if you just visited the dance floor don't worry you are not the only one.

Buy the release at:


You can preview the ep bellow or on our soundcloud page.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

People/For Love EP [ARTE006] by X Twins OUT NOW!!!

The young Montenegro DJ and producer Milosh Vuckovic aka X Twins debutes on Artefact Records with his People/For Love EP.

Artist: X Twins
Title: People/For Love EP
Featuring: People, For Love + remix by Millok and Dark Beat
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte006
Genre: Deep house
Release Date: 21st of February 2010
Support: Paul Thomas, Hippie Torrales, Da Funk, Art Patrice, Mikkel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Tom Blacksoul, Gonzalo Menoyo, Alfred Azzetto, Messa Verde, Disclosure Project and many others...

Buy the tracks at:


You can preview the ep bellow or on our soundcloud page.

Monday, February 14, 2011

People/For Love EP by X Twins - The newest addition to the Artefact Records catalog

Ready for love?
We've been hibernating for a while, but seems like we've found the perfect sound for the wake up call.

X Twins has served 2 beautifully warm and overflowing with atmosphere, swirling and building with incredible depth and clarity, perfectly rounded bodies for tracks to evolve. Simple and yet so infectious, their melodic breeze is a subtle and expressive ode to hypnotic house music.
Like opening the door to a secret garden full of wonders, the "People/For Love" EP (ARTE006) will gently lead you on spiritual journey.

The "deep thinker" from Montenegro contemplates with tough analog energy as a pushing solid state drum pattern opens into a rousing bassline-led theme. A freaky warbling synth tone becomes the main destination as warm, coal-fired beats pump throughout in "People". Splicing micro samples, elastic beats and beautiful synth work, this groovy late night journey track will sure make your mind wander in beautiful destinations.

The Millok & Dark Beat remix has a more tripped out jam on the theme, featuring vocal manipulations and deeper-than-deep synth hypnosis. Moody, utterly deep, and yet again with a heavy, warm aesthetic sound.
Capturing a unique vibe and simply rolling with it, delayed spaced-out chambers grow and recede in this nonchalant groove tool. Needless to say its a killer for the late, late hours.

And finally, the powerful opening tones of "For Love", served up with a healthy dose of funk and yet more classic-inspired deep house chord play, combine super funky, upfront nu-house beats with soulful, heart-melting musicality, and powerful but subtle vocals.
Densely strung together with filmic horn stabs, spooky atmospherics and dramatic crescendos, its a mysterious track for those off-the-wall moments.
Just sit back, relax and get ready for love, people!

You can preview the ep bellow or on our soundcloud page, stay tuned for the release date.