Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Free mix of all our releases so far

As a gesture of appreciation to all of you who have supported our label in  many different ways,  to all of our friends accross the globe, here is a continuous mix for your listening pleassure


Click on the link to listen or download(right click and save as..) the mix Artefacts so far
1.Dejan Dex - 3 in 1 (Marcelo Nassi Remix) 2011
2.Goran Tech - Don't Come Back 2010   buy
3.Angel Rize - My Soul Is Your Soul 2010  buy
4.Pavle Vasiljevic f. Aneta Kacurkova - Sometimes (Dejan Dex Remix) 2010  buy
5.Angel Rize - Let It Feel (Original Mix) 2010  buy
6.Goran Tech - Space Hero 2010  buy
7.Pavle Vasiljevic f. Aneta Kacurkova - Sometimes (Denny Trajkov Inner Space Rmx) 2010  buy
8.Angel Rize - Circled Love (Original Mix) 2010  buy
9.Angel Rize - Suck My DJ (Original Mix) 2010  buy
10.Dejan Dex - 3 In 1 2010  buy
11.Alex Nova -  La Muzika 2011
12.Dejan Dex - Give It To Him 2010  buy
13.Alex Nova - Disco Dance 2011
14.Angel Rize - We Love Disco (Original Mix) 2010  buy
15.Denny Trajkov - Get Down (NY Late Mix) 2010  buy
16.Denny Trajkov - Millennium Park (Weekend In Chicago Mix) 2010  buy
17.Goran Tech - Don't Come Back (Kerkez Remix) 2010  buy
18.Pavle Vasiljevic f. Aneta Kacurkova - Sometimes (Pavle's Back2Back Mix) 2010  buy
19.Pavle Vasiljevic f. Aneta Kacurkova - Sometimes (Artone Remix) 2010  buy

Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Way EP [arte005] by Goran Tech

The young Macedonian producer Goran Tech & Artefact records invite you on a musical roller coaster with the 5th release "One way" EP.

Artist: Goran Tech
Title: One Way EP
Featuring: Dont't Come Back and Space Hero + remix by Kerkez
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte005
Genre: Deep, tech, house
Release Date: 1st of December 2010
Support: Art Patrice, Mikkel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Tom Blacksoul, Marcelo Nassi, Gonzalo Menoyo, Tony Thomas, Messa Verde, Eddie Amador,Baggi Begovic, Mr. Jones, Fabien Kamb and many others...

There are times when there is only "One Way" to go - into the flipped world of mixed sounds.
Tough beats, grunts, grinds and a heavy sub bass that finally launches into a gorgeous spring-loaded nu-Tech ride.

A purely ingenious use of sampling to create a groove, Goran Tech takes the percussion of a ping pong rally and uses it as the back beat to set his track "Don't come back", simple in its construction, but has a bigger feel to it.
It’s the perfect track to either keep the groove moving, or use it for build up and take the set to the next direction, which is up or forward… While the Kerkez remix bit more defined, dark and deep techy, echos with trippy percussion.
"Space hero" turns a more of a bouncy feeling, with its filtered stabs and drum rolls, spiced up with catchy funky trumpet chords & flanged vocals.

"One way" or the other, this EP will stick to your eardrums & hopefully get you on the right direction.

Listen to the tracks:

Sometimes pt.1 [arte004a] by Pavle Vasiljevic f. Aneta Kacurkova

Artefact Records proudly presents the debute release "Sometimes" by the Macedonian DJ and producer Pavle Vasiljevic. This EP is divided in two parts and the first part consists of two versions of the track by the artist and remixes by Denny Trajkov, Dejan Dex and Artone. The second part will include more remixes and dub versions of the remixes from the first part and will be out the first week in 2011.

Artist: Pavle Vasiljevic f. Aneta Kacurkova
Title: Sometimes pt.1
Featuring: Remixes by Dejan Dex, Denny Trajkov, Artone
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte004a
Genre: Funky, deep, vocal, house
Release Date: 11th of November 2010
Support: Kiko Navarro, John Mateo, Hippe Torrales, Marcelo Nassi, Tony Thomas, Messa Verde, Eddie Amador, Blacksoul, Baggi Begovic and many others...

Call us sentimental, but this takes us to a different level, into soft, sensual, mellow deepness.

Melancholy, loneliness, desire. Sometimes they sneak in, through the raindrops on the windows, on the empty
streets, with the sound of the sad piano beautifully played by Pavle; filled only by the fallen leaves, gracefully captured by the velvety vocal of Ana. "Sometimes" is definitely a stylish and elegant track with beautiful keys and chords vividly painting smooth melodic sound scapes.

This package comes with an excellent set of remixes that are creating different hues of the main theme, whether they are laid down with the empowering beats or dubbing baselines.

Denny Trajkov is inspired by inner space travel, once again showing his superb talent to deliver monster
mixes with innovative sound-design.
Dejan Dex is getting deep & nasty - ready to spark the dance floor in his recognizable funky vibe.
Their remixes are typical of their usual high quality productions and turn this gem into a dance floor rocker.
Artone explores the darker side of the track, diving into ocean of emotions with his deep tones, smooth chords & pads, delicately fading in & out.
Just to make sure you have no excuse not to play it, it comes complete with back 2 back remix, dub versions,
and vocal remixes to suit any mood and any occasion.

Listen to the tracks:

Buy the tracks at:


Diskoteka EP [arte003] by Angel Rize

The third installment on our label comes from the hard working Macedonian producer Angel Rize.

Artist: Angel Rize
Title: Diskoteka EP
1.We Love Disco
2.We Love Disco (Vocal Off Mix)
3.Suck My DJ
4.My Soul Is Your Soul
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte003
Genre: Disco, funky, deep, house
Release Date: 6th of October 2010
Support by: Paul Thomas, Omid 16B, Nacho Marco, Sonny Wharton, Murray Richardson, Hippie Torrales, Tom Blacksoul, Eddie Amador, Tony Thomas, Art Patrice, Da Funk, Audionova, Mr. Jones and many others...

Picture this. Filthy Disko. Lights, beams, speakers ON.
Mr. Rize in the house. Serving 2 crazy booty shaking, bursting with energy, jackin' groovy tracks.
The first one "We Love Disco" a bland of tech & disco sound based on solid beats with discofied dirty swirls mixed with buttery bassline, and as if this is not enough the sexy filtered female vocals give that final touch.
Next is "Suck my Dj" for which Rize mixes a fraction of the well known with the new, laid with driving kicks, along with dirty, loopy funky sound all in one dope package.

They're crispy, catchy & fresh.
They're all you need to rock the party and are part of Rize's new project "Diskoteka EP".

But there's no party without the after party. Angel Rize has thought about that as well.
The last piece "My Soul is Your Soul" brings up a more soulful vibe, nicely fitted in an urban background. It has something in the sound, that is hot & sexy, steamy deepness that creates road maps to your ears, mind & soul. And apparently it tends to remain there.

Perfect prelude to another round of mind-blowing DISKO!!!

Listen to the tracks from Diskoteka EP:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fuel Up The Beat EP [arte002] by Dejan Dex

Artist: Dejan Dex
Title: Fuel Up The Beat EP
Featuring: Give It To Him, 3 In 1
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte002
Release Date: 8th of September 2010
Genre: Funky, Jackin, House
Support: Nathan Coles, Eddie Amador, Tony Thomas, Sonny Wharton, Tom Blacksoul, Murray Richardson, Mr. Jones, Leigh Morgan, Jeff Vaz, Gonzalo Menoyo and many others around the globe...
The journey continues, & we feel like it's just about time to "Fuel Up the Beat".
The second release on our label comes from a very young talented Macedonian producer Dejan Dex.

In "Fuel Up the Beat" Dex is really pumping his sounds with jackin beats & funky baselines.
"Give It To Him" floats on a contagious rhythm that's gonna stick in your ears, making your head move,& "3 in 1" has it all: milky quirky melody, sugar coated bases & caffeine energizing vocals.
So whether you choose to consume your "dosage" in your armchair, or dancing your shoes out on the floor,Dejan Dex has ensured that you stay fueled up with great beats.

You can preview the tracks on our soundcloud page:
Dejan Dex - Give it to him
Dejan Dex - 3 in 1

Buy the tracks at:

The Commencement EP [arte001] by Angel Rize and Denny Trajkov

Artist: Angel Rize and Denny Trajkov
Title: The Commencement EP
Featuring: Circled Love, Let It Feel, Get Down, Millennium Park
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte001
Genre: Deep, Funky, Tech, House
Release Date: 21st of July 2010
Support: Hernan Cattaneo, Shlomi Aber, Tom Blacksoul, Gonzalo Menoyo, Tony Thomas, Eddie Amador, Baggi Begovic, Alfred Azzetto, Dario D'Attis, Mikel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Tom Morgan, Leigh Morghan, J&M Brothers, DJP (pressureradio.com) and many others...

"The Commencement" is our icebreaking EP, that contains 4 tracks from 2 creative & talented DJs from Macedonia: Angel Rize & Denny Trajkov,bringing every shade from the soul of the summer in your living room, or even better, on the dance floor.

Starting lightly, just in case you've missed the sense of a perfectly sunsetting, frostly chilled party, we strongly recommend that you sit back, relax & let the smoothing, light funky groove from Angel Rize's ocean-breathing "Let It Feel" take you to the place where you've always wanted to be. 
The flowing bass line is spiced up with catchy guitar & captivating  male vocals, making this track a must have cocktail.

The next Rize's piece "Circled Love" heats up the groove: jazzy, techy & bursting with energy. A mini break at the start leads up to a pounding rolling bassline, where awesome fills & filtered stabs take us through to a vocal break. And talking about creatively used samples, the conversation samples generate a truly dramatic feeling. Literally.

And finally, as an olive in a cool martini, Denny Trajkov hits us with  2 new dance floor bangers sure to keep you and your friends dancing through these summer months.
Monster kicks, blazing live trumpets & funky beats combined for absolutely deadly records.
Put your hands up people, 'cos "Get Down" is slick, flawlessly funky, and totally danceable for a club or party that appreciates real House;
& thanks to his killer  "Millennium Park", Chicago's feature gets associated with another form of public art - massive record.
Buy The Commencement EP at: 

Just a small introduction

One of the definitions for artefact is : something made or given shape by man, such as tool or work of art.
On the other hand, man is an artefact himself designed for travelling through space & time, through life & its experiences.

Every journey has a beginning. Our started as a hazy need to help creating pieces of music that will live on. Creating soundwaves that will delicately pierce the eardrums, carrying the sonancy from the deepest parts to the highest edges of the techier side of house music. 

We believe in the trinity of great sound, deep vibes & beautiful music. We believe in artistic freedom, never limited to one genre, always reflecting the current movements of the clubbing scene while praising the roots & origins of today's electronic music.

So here we are, founding an independent label after more then 15 years of personal involvement in & around the clubbing scene.

Our first newborn is a sampler EP called "The Commencement" that includes the works of two amazing young & upcoming artists from Macedonia: Angel Rize & Denny Trajkov.

Ladies & Gentelmen, just enjoy the ride!