Monday, March 28, 2011

Artefact Records 7th release "Freaky Funk - Just Visiting EP" officially out!

Spring has just begun and we have the right sounds to start it properly :)
We are glad to present you our newest release called Just Visiting EP by Montenegro producer Freaky Funk.

Artist:Freaky Funk
Title: Just Visiting EP
Catalog no:arte007
Featuring: Trust Nobody, Simple Things, All Night, U Do It Right
Label: Artefact Records
Release date : 28th of March (21st on Stompy exclusive)
Support: Mr.Jones - Thx for sending, I will more then likely use these tracks
John Matteo - Nasty, gonna kill this Friday
Jeff Ferreira ( - Thx for the promo, great job
Tony Thomas - Cool & Funky release
Eddie Amador -  Good release
Jon Marsh (The Beloved) - Simple Things is my favorite
Art Patrice - Nice production
Gonzalo Menoyo - Lots of funk in this release, loving it - full support
Murray Richardson - Thx for the promo
and many others across the world,
Available: Stompy, Beatport, Junodigital, and all the fine digitals stores

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You can preview and buy the tracks using the player bellow:

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Visiting EP by Freaky Funk exclusive on Stompy

Artist: Freaky Funk
Title: Just Visiting EP
Prelease Date: 21st of March exclusive on Stompy

"Just Visiting" a 4 track EP put together by the upcoming and very talented Montenegro producer Freaky Funk is the seventh installment to the Artefact Records catalog.
The opener of the EP "Trust Nobody"is exactly what it is an opener and mood setter with it's deep and sexy sounds laid over with funky bass line along with beautifully sampled vocals and intelligently mixed with a trumpet and an electric guitar to complete the perfect combination.
The melodic jam "Simple Things" is as simple as the name would suggest, but as powerful as can be a mix of melodic instruments, funky bass lines and male vocal that gives you a warm and groovy drive.
The next gem "All Night" opens a different perspective and puts you on the next level for the perfect dance mood, funky cords, sexy vocals and a driving bass line to get you out of your chair and right on the dance floor.
And to keep you right there, the last of this four tracker "U do it right" comes with thick and chunky beats as a foundation for dubbed vocals, filtered loops mixed with sweet bass lines used in a right amount to form a wicked groove for keeping that dancing mood, so if you just visited the dance floor don't worry you are not the only one.

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You can preview the ep bellow or on our soundcloud page.