Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blagoj Rambabov - Secret Ways

Artefact is proud to present you the newest release 'Secret Ways' courtesy of the up and coming Macedonian producer Blagoj Rambabov, along with remixes from our inhouse artist Dejan Dex and the new talent Igor Kostoski. 
Blagoj Rambabov is coming up strong with every new release and with Secret Ways stays true to his sound that shows his ability to produce undeground tracks with a deep and funky feel sounding modern but with that old school touch. 
He is on fire and his latest release Brooklyn Central EP for Tzinah records received great support from djs and producers like Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Loco Dice, Gel Abril, Robert Dietz, Paco Osuna, Carlos Sanchez, Javi Bora, Chris Lake and more. On the other side Dejan Dex shows his mature side of producing and mixing and gives us a version suitable for the clubs and parties with those underground floors and dancing crowds, by clever usage of effects and filters mixed with a powerful and chunky bassline to give it a beautiful tripy feel that makes you wanna dance. Igor Kostoski proves his talent and puts his mark on this great track, with a beautiful and energetic drive while staying deep all the way. All in all great and divers selection for all of your different dj sets.

Blagoj Rambabov - Secret Ways
1.Secret Ways
2.Secret Ways (Dub Edit)
3.Secret Ways (Dejan Dex Remix)
4.Secret Ways (Igor Kostoski Remix)
cat no.: ARTE026
release date: 10.31.2012
style: deep/ house

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Initial feedback:
„nice release, thanks a lot !” Hermanez
„like the original mix thanx” Graeme Reedie Silicone Soul
„underground bidnizz!!” Jason Hodges
„Original mix of Secret Ways is cool. Percussion and vocal working well together. ” Fishgodeep
„thanks for sedning... :)” Jesus Pablo
„nice dub.. dig the vibe just dark enough but not to much. ” Hector Moralez
„Great vibes on the original & dub mixes for me, really feeling them! ” Al Bradley
„nice groove. dub edit for me” Tommy Largo
„thanks will listen.” Omid 16b
„Overall nice deep moody vibes with a nice variation in the remix pack making it for an overall well rounded release.” T.Dizko
„(Dejan Dex Remix) Remix is a nice bubbling grove! Yeah!” Bob Povey
„Great EP! Original is very cool, but I'll probably try them all out!” Lee Jarvies
„really cool package here. digging the original and dub. will play. thanks!!!” Brandon Bass
„fav is the Kostoski mix!” Synchro Records
„Secret Ways (Dejan Dex Remix) pick of the bunch for me, strong dubby bassline and punchy keys, another strong release from Artefact Records” DJ Lekkey
„good release” Joan Ribas
„Deep & Techy niceness!! Good vibes throughout, will definitely be supporting.”DJ Semi
„veeeeery nice” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„DUb Edit for me thanks!” Merimell
„YES!Realy support this collection of Macedonian Artists,Dub mix & Dejan Dex Remix my fav” Denny Trajkov
„all my fav! ” Saso Recyd
„Another top quality release from one of favorite labels of 2012. Will definitely support. ” Bruno Browning
„It's all about original mix. Thanks” GKF Records
„Tracks 1 and 4 are my favorite, the overall feel and quirkiness of them makes for very DJ friendly tracks that can be used in any set.” Jeff Groove Asylum
„SICK STUFF!!! CHEERS!!!” Steven Mansfield
„Thanks for the music.” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Solid club vibes” This is why we dance blog
„solid and kickin ! Will fits with my sets at the beach of las salinas.” Lorenzo al Dino
„I must say that the production/sound quality is top notch! ” Nylon Recordings
„Support !!!” Boshe
„mh mh mh :)” Vaso Netkovski
„nice deep beats with lovely perc... liking the bassline.” Bobi
„Thanks a lot for the promo” Michael Fossati
„this is cool i recognize the sample” Tom Sahs
„Original mix is my favorite. great sound. will be playing a lot” Me.N.U.
„will try out Dejan Dex remix, thank you.” Adam Ant
„I like so much the "original" and "dub edit". Exquisite blend of deep house and broken beat. Nice!” Sergie Rizzo

FFunk and Proximus - Your Way

The 25th release on our label comes as courtesy of Ffunk aka Freaky Funk and Proximus named "Your Way", reinforced with remixes from our inhouse artists Angel Rize and Pavle Vasiljevic.
Ffunk and Proximus use cool deep vibes mixed with a great female vox just enough to suite the vibe of the track, with a bassline for that main floor usage. Angel Rize incorporates his well known funky and delightful sound giving it more deeper and mellow drive.

Pavle Vasiljevic using the vocal of Amanda Evans does his version of Your Way in a distinctive and recognizable sound full of funky pads, great melody and guitar riffs that give the version more open and positive vibe.

FFunk and Proximus - Your Way
1.Your Way
2.Your Way (Angel Rize Remix)
3.Your Way (Pavle Vasiljevic f. Amanda Evans I Rise Remix)
cat no.: ARTE025
release date: 09.24.2012
style: deep/ vocal/ house

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Initial feedback:

„Angel Rize Remix for me... ” Jesus Pablo
„Really dig the Angel Rize mix. Great prime time vocal deepness. DEF gonna be in rotation in Milwaukee. Cheers. ” J.C.Hanna
„nice...liking angel size remix” James Harrigan (Sub Club)
„Really enjoying Vasiljevic and Amanda Evans mix” Hippie Torrales
„Cool deep vibes, the vox are nicely understated & really suit the vibe of the track. All three versions are great, the Pavle Vasilevic and Amanda Evans remix is the one for me. Cheers! :)” Al Bradley
„will check Your Way (Pavle Vasiljevic And Amanda Evans I Rise Remix)” DJ Nutritious
„Lovely seasonal release, favourite mix of the EP has to be the 'Amanda Evans Rise Remix' - pure chilled house bliss! Will definitely be supporting.” DJ Semi
„thanks! nice deep house” Stuart Millar
„Nice track!” Dean DJdimension
„Like the the Angel Rize Remix most!” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)
„fantastic track....” Felix Jr
„It sounds good. Will play it. Thanks.” GKF Records
„Angel Rize mix all the way for me” This is why we dance blog
„Love the eclectic vibe that Artefact is constantly laying down. Always a little something for everyone. Nice release...will definitely be supporting this one." Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records”
„Ffunk And Proximus - Your Way (Angel Rize Remix) for me ...nice :)))))” DJ Fakir
„nice thanks” Soluble Recordings
„Very Sexy!!!!!” (09/13/12 21:14:56):
„I really like Angel Rize remix i think that will fit in nicely ” Marq Walsh
„The Angel Rize remix is great. Will be playing for sure” Brandon Bass
„supporting as always :) v” Vaso Netkovski
„Angel Rize remix is the one for me” Owain Bellis
„the angel rize mix is ok, thanks for sending” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„solid produced.....” Lorenzo al Dino
„Fantastic e.p like always .Absolutly Quality Deepness! I Like It. Full support ” Bobi
„Loving the Vocal , Angel Rize Remix is my pick , great job FULL support !!!” Boshe Spasenovski
„Thanks.” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Angel Rize remix is my favourite. I think I will have any chance to play it somewhere. Thanks” Guillaume Galaxie FM
„Very nice.... I am supporting this !!” Dean Facer
„it's all about the delightful Angel Rize remix...” Michael Fossati
„Angel Rize nailed it!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„great deep feel!” Synchro Records
„Nice deepness” Benjamin Rakun
„My brother Rize remix,favourite!” Denny Trajkov
„Angel Rize mix for me. Groovy.” DJ Johnny H
„Loving the 2nd mix, Angel Rize” Dez Mix

Artone & Anton Pau - Need Deep EP

Artefact is proud to present you the first EP from the Bulgarian djs and producers Artone and Anton Pau. Artone is a young and talanted producer who's original, deep, melodic style can be recognized thru his remix and original work released for our label. He has released many musical projects and worked for Bulgarian and international labels like FLC Records (BG), Funktion Music (BG), Bastardos United (BG), Artefact Records (MK), Fairlads Digital (HU), Bloodsugar Records (DE), Sony Music Entertainment (DE) and etc. Along comes Anton Paunov aka Anton Pau with his distinctive percussions, deep bass and sharp high hats a style recognizable thru the work with Artone as well as his remixes. Artone and Antone Pau have used great skills in the programing, sound clarity and production in this release and with its groovy tech-soul oozing with gorgeous melodies and smooth yet contaminous rhythms is a great addition to anyone's deep collection.

Artone & Anton Pau - Need Deep EP
1.Need Deep
2.Need Deep (Anton Pau DUBB Mix)
3.Soul Shakin' (Rework)
cat no.: ARTE024
release date: 08.27.2012
style: deep/ tech/ house

Selected feedback:

„Nice deep ep, i will support it....” Alex Dimitri
„Great track. Loving original.” Hippie Torrales
„This one will definitely get my support !!!” DJ Bonehead
„tr2 for me! thanx!” (09/17/12 14:10:08):
„Artone And Anton Pau Soul Shakin' (Rework) for me!¬” Dave Therapy Music
„The dub of Need Deep has a good groove going on. ” Fishgodeep
„Yet another strong release, looking forward to giving the EP an airing on show, Soul Shakin' (Rework) is the stand out track for me, love the dubby beats and pads creating a nice vibe throughout the track” DJ Lekkey
„thanks for the music” Omid 16b
„Original Mix for my sessions” Felix Jr
„Dope release. My full support.” Brazilian Soul Crew
„downloading, thanks” Art Patrice
„Songs are cool, just not the style i play ” DJN project
„Artone And Anton Pau Soul Shakin' (Rework) above mix working best for me......nice work ….cheers….Dave.”DJ Dave Law
„Very nice deep release! Will find place in my deep parts of set! Full support” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„Another great release,love all the versions Anton Pau Remix my fav!!!!” Denny Trajkov
„Nice deep sounds...thanks for the promos. Will include these in my sessions.” Jon Deep
„Need Deep (Original Mix) does it for me.” Miloe
„nice production” Tommy Largo
„Great release here guys. Full support and will be playing these” Brandon Bass
„Another quality release!!Excellent deephouse. All mixes are good” Bobi
„Tight diggin this” Marques Wyatt
„Very solid deep vibes” This is why we dance blog
„Oooh! Love the deep techy vibes!” 815 Records
„I think the programming, sound clarity, and production is amazing.” Kid Enigma
„Niiiice. Will promote it tonight :) Vaso” Vaso Netkovski
„A great addition to anyone's deep collection...nice job.” Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records
„Deepness !!!!!” Boshe
„Great deep tech feel. Love it!” Synchro Records
„Cool stuff, the percussive groove of "Soul Shakin" the pick for me, great stuff :)” Al Bradley
„Will support....” DJ Eman
„like the ep thanx” Graeme Reedie Silicone Soul
„(Anton Pau Dubb Mix) is probably the strongest here to me. Thanks for sending though.” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„Will try the original!” DJ Electric
„wel done !” Lorenzo al Dino
„Groovy tech-soul oozing with gorgeous melodies and smooth yet contaminous rhythms... favorite track is the lovely rework of "Soul shakin'"...” Michael Fossati
„Nice sounds.” Guillaume Galaxie FM
„Yes I need” Benjamin Rakun

Artefact 2

Our believe in the trinity of great sound, deep vibes & beautiful music and the artistic freedom, never limited to one genre, but always reflecting the current movements of the clubbing scene while praising the roots & origins of today's electronic music has been driving us forward for the past two years, and after 22 releases, 33 artists, 84 tracks that found a special place on our label and in our hearts we are releasing the compilation simple called "2" with a selection of 18 tracks released during our second year. It features tracks by James Silk, JayCeel, Dean Mickoski, Massive!, X Twins, Angel Rize, Artone, Freaky Funk, Me.N.U., Flavio Zogaib, Alexserra, Goran Tech, Nova Generacia, Darko Milosevic & Darre. We are proud of every track, release and artist that has been connected to our label in any way and during our first two years our artists received great support and feedback from many djs and producers around the world like Timewriter, Robert Owens, Giom, Hermanez, Omid 16b, Jon Silva, Fish Go Deep, Soulmagic, Alfred Azetto, Doc Link, DJ Eman, Graeme Park, Al Bradley, Eddie Amador, John Mateo, Mr.Jones, Tony Thomas, Blacksoul, Hector Morales and many others.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Jayceel - Back To Disco EP

   For our latest release, we look to Copenhagen and up-and-coming Danish producer JayCeeL. Born Johnni Christensen, JayCeeL started seriously exploring house music production just a few years ago after time spent working on edits and experimenting with different production styles. His tracks were placed online and impressed those who heard, being quickly snatched up by the likes of Loving Records and Lantus Recordings for JayCeeL's previous EP releases. 
   Artefact has now stepped into the fray, giving JayCeeL his debut release for the label in the form of the Back To Disco EP. As the title implies, the EP shows JayCeeL's affinity for disco sounds as the tracks all display proper feel-good, late night party vibes. "Back To Disco" is a slinky mid-tempo disco groover, with snappy breaks, soaring strings, and overlaid vocal bits that welcome the summertime. 
   "What's It Gonna Be" is house music in a classic style, mixing a repeated male vocal motif over a driving bass line as lush pads and piano samples ride on top of rolling four-on-the-floor beats. 
   JayCeeL also provides "The Sea Of Time," a cut easily at home in deep house, disco, and soulful house circles. Gentle electric piano chords and emotive strings add melody over the handclap beats as a few choice soulful vocal bits lift the track to something truly special. 
   The EP also includes a couple of remix interpretations of "Back To Disco" by some of Artefact's in-house talent. Freaky Funk, a regular contributor to the Artefact catalog, tackles "Back To Disco" with an uplifting version that places the track squarely among prime time club fare. Next up is Macedonian producer Pavle Vasiljevic making his Artefact debut with his Go Deeper mix of "Back To Disco." Pavle's version features expressive keys and vocal hits over a punchy rhythm section, solidly building in just the right places. 
   These five cuts make up another fine set featuring promising artists that definitely shouldn't be ignored. 

Jayceel - Back To Disco EP
1.Back To Disco
2.Back To Disco (Freaky Funk Freaked Remix)
3.Back To Disco (Pavle Vasiljevic Go Deeper Remix)
4.What's It Gonna Be
5.The Sea Of Time
cat no.: ARTE022
release date: 06.26.2012
style: indie dance/ nu disco/ deep house

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extract of the overwhelming support that JayCeel's "Back To Disco" keeps receiving:

-Robert Owens (Compost / Worldwide Various): great groove
-Giom (Lost My Dog / Ornate / Kolour): Pavle mix for me. Will try it out
-Marques Wyatt (Vanguard / Deep L.A.): Tight!
-DJ Roog & Greg van Bueren (Hardsoul / R&G Electronics / Defected): big
-Jon Silva (Pesto Music / Plastic City / Conya): fantastic EP - support!
-Blacksoul (Blacksoul Music): amazing release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music / Drop Music / Kolour): Disco disco good good
-Dino Moran (Milk & Sugar / Defected / Good Hope FM): Cool tune
-Onur Ozman (Alma Soul Music / Dutchie Music / Acryl Music / Onethirty Recordings): A nice musical piece. Not a contemporary interpretation of disco but i like it.
-DJ EMan (LIBERATE RECORDINGS/): will play....
-Bruce Tantum (Time Out NY / Resident Advisor / East Village Radio / Brooklyn Radio): Really loving all of these - and The Sea of Time is a total gem! Lovely work all around.
-DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) (Bounce House Recordings / Digitally Imported Radio (House Channel Programmer)): sweet release...diggin all the tracks.
-CJ Mackintosh (Various): Love The Sea Of Time :)
-Joey Silvero (Distant People) (Distant People Mix Show / Foliage / Seamless): yeah rocking sound, bounce the dancefloor ! like this one, sea of time is a smooth laid back groove
-Graeme Park (Graeme Park Radio Show): Lovely!
-Christos Kedras (Kapa Music / Beat Philosophy Radio Hour (syndicated)): Wow, this EP is powerful, feeling the original Back to Disco and also What's It Gonna Be. They will both get love from me. Thanks!
-Evan Landes (Groove Junkies) (MoreHouse Records): Interesting EP. Standouts for me are the PV Go Deeper Remix and Sea Of Time. Thanks.
-Al Bradley (3am Recordings/Paper Recordings/Bulletdodge Records): All three originals are outstanding here - real quality in the vibes & an 'authentic disco' feel, rather than the usual filtered/wah-wah guitar type disco fodder, which isn't really disco at all! "Back To Disco" is stunning, lilke it was found in a vault from Paradise Garage, wicked The remixes are cool too, Pavle doing the business with his deeper groove, but both are great. Top EP all round!
-Amir Groove (Monday Deep Session on Ibiza Sonica Radio (weekly) / DeepClass Records): really nice!!!! support
-Bruno Lepretre (Ibiza Global Radio): Nice productions from disco & house
-Nico De Ceglia (Radio 1 (promos for Pete Tong) / Various Clubs): Like both original and remixes
-Fabio Tosti (Ibiza Global Radio / SSRadio / Party Groove Radio): nice funky ep. support
-Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project) (The Disclosure Project / Proton Radio / Ibiza Sonica FM (monthly show) / Acryl / Plastic City etc..): still like back to disco original from when they sent me it previously. the sea of time is fairly good on this release too, thanks.
-DJ Linus (Exun Records / Pacha Munich / Loudeast): Great release
-John Mateo (Mateo & Matos / Pressure Radio): Yeah... liking this!!!
-Murray Richardson (Baker Street / Rebel Waltz): BACK TO THE DISCO original for me here
-Vincent Kwok (Eight-Fifteen / Transport Recordings): Funky stuff. The original mix is the one that hits the spot
-Benji Candelario (Transistori Music / Various): Funky Tune!
-Chris Udoh (Tigerhook / Various): Feeling This ep Big Time Thanks !!
-Nick Moss (Groove Assassin) (Pacha / Cielo / Defected): Back to Disco & Sea of Time are both really nice ! Supporting these !!
-Jamie Topham (CD Pool | JT Music Media Man | Summer Soulstice): Great EP! - 'Back To Disco' original is hot, but personally going for the more soulful 'Sea Of Time' and the contagious 'Whats It Gonna Be'...
-Claudio Di Leo (Housology Radio Show (weekly on Radio Crik Crok)): nice!
-Serkan Çanak (Mr. No Name) (Handmade Fusion + Freestyle Fusion radio shows - Dinamo.FM (2 weekly shows)): : ))
-Rudy Kizer (WRZX (X103) FM (Indianapolis) / Hit The Decks Radio Show): blazing hot! supporting immediately
-Dean Cherny (Marketing Melodies / KissFM): Nice pack.
-SimonG (Deep South Audio) (Volcano Radio / 0fm / Mu Bar): nice thanks
-Edground (Grooveland Music / 99 FM): Great EP. NIce tracks here... I´m feeling Disco track.
-Ray Colclough (Beat 102 103 FM / Street Beat Radio Show): nice release
-Felix JR (Ibiza Global Radio, GrooveBox Recordings): iNCREDIBLE ep
-Corin Arnold (ed2000) (Solar Lounge / Spindler+Klatt / BLN.FM / Dangerous Drums): cool trax in there, support ! tending towards the slower mellower tunes !
-Marq Walsh (QuestionmarQ) (Dance On Red weekly radio show - Red FM (Friday nights) / Vision Collective): great selection of tracks the ones that got me are favles remix of back to disco and soulful vibes off sea of time
-Leo Portela (PMB / Soulstar / Onethirty): Very nice laid back hypnotic disco!!
-Teddy S. (Soulful Pleasure Radio Show (syndicated) / DI.FM / Proton Radio / WTCHouse Radio): dont exactly love the remixes of back to disco but all three track are bad ass :)
-Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News (reviewer)): REally diggin' all the disco... more, more, more...
-Nate Spross (Pressure Radio): solid !
-DJ Bonehead (Heads Up + Sundada radio shows on will definitely support the originals!
-DJ Dove (Jolly Roger - Sound of Pirates / Joyride): nice
-Ciappy DJ (Tony Records / Universe Media / Clubstar / Soulshine): Ooooh yes!....finally an great SupaFunk package release! I'll support the complete package....every mixes very well done! -c-
-DJ Pope (Poji Records / Handzon Radio / Motivation): funky ep
-Marcelo Medeiros (Discotheque Radio (director) / Discotheque Recordings): we're realy back to disco! awesome. supported by DiscothequeRadio.Com
-Norbert Borchers (House Sound Of Hamburg (syndicated radio show)): Sweet disco house vibes... yes, I love this shit!!!
-Karl Almaria (Bunchlox / ChicagoHouse.FM / Diggin' Back To Disco and The Sea Of Time the most here...
-Gregor Zalokar (TrickyDisco! PiArt / Stop Magazine / Radio Salomon / Radio Antena): .
-Sven Jacobsen (ZYX Music / Nova Radio): Great work! The Sea Of Time is awesome
-Bart (Soulfulbros) (Soul District Radio Show - Syndicated 30+ Stations): very interesting EP...all the cutz have the vibes and the underground disco touch...
-Frisco Taibo (Hit Clubbin´Radio Show (syndicated 70+ stations)): excellent pack!!
-Craig Stewart (Universe Media & DCSTrax): Go Deeper jam is HOT! Craig Stewart DCSTrax/Universe Media
-Brewster Brigham (Kiss FM): solid fun ..! could be a classic loving the sea of time.... how can ya not love a clapping tune..!!
-Lee Jarvis (Do It Proper / MyCuppaT Blog / Various): Back To Disco is cool, will give it spin!
-Tommy Largo (Lost My Dog / Kolour / Guesthouse / Control): cool ep! will play
-Colin Sales (Pulse 98.4 FM Glasgow & worldwide / Stereo Sushi / Colours): Sea Of Time is good!
-Spiritual Blessings (Gotta Keep Faith Records / SSRadio / Motion FM): Extraordinaire EP! Best tracks are BACK TO DISCO and THE SEA OF TIME. Original mix choice for us. Will play it.
-Florent Mestre (DJ Floy) (Paradise Garage Radio Show (syndicated) / Cabana / Soulheat / Stalwart): Disco sounds!!that's good! Nice EP!
-Advokkat (Radio RDM / Radio RGB / Radio LFO): Nice EP - What s it gonna be is my fav. Thanks.
-DJ Harri (Sub Club): liking these
-Miguel Graça (Pronto Musique / Bombay): cool release
-Joan Ribas (Ibiza Soulstice Music/ Hotel Pacha / Cafe del Mar): good one;)
-Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan (Miss Moneypennys / Miss Moneypennys weekly radio show (syndicated)): quality
-MIke Clark / Agent X (Beatdownsounds / Push FM): Sea of time has that low funky deep groove... nice!
-Marco Polo Cecere (Radio 105 / Tendenzia Radio Network): VERY NICE DISCO VIBE WILL BE PLAYED
-DJ Hal (EQ Magazine (Reviewer) / Stealth): solid grooves
-Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance Blog): Cool non-cheesy disco house vibes, will support
-Cherokee (Cherry Global Radio Show - KISS FM Australia,, Love that Disco Sound! Will play for sure!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Darko Milosevic & Darre - Dirty Symphony

     Darko Milosevic along with Darre are the next two Montenegrin producers that are signed to our label and bring us the 21st release, with their first track Dirty Symphony which was featured on our Miami WMC sampler and received very good feedback, a very powerful tech funky track, a mixture of a funky melody and a tech drive reinforced with a powerfull bass line aiming for that peak time on the dancefloor. 
    To make this release complete we asked our inhouse producer Freaky Funk to do a remix with his signature sound and he did just that and gave the track a new techier twist and prepared it for those late night parties. 
   Along those two tracks we have included two bonus tracks produced by Darko Milosevic, in which he shows a clever use of piano and trumpet samples, and gives the tracks a great deep feel and puts them into the more mature deep sound, but still maintains the funky vibe thru out the tracks.
     A great package for those summer late night beach parties.

Darko Milosevic & Darre - Dirty Symphony
1. Dirty Symphony
2. Dirty Symphony (Freaky Funk Remix)
3. Morning Lights
4. Gloaming
cat no.: ARTE021
release date: 15.05.2012

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Some feedback:
„Something for everyone on here!! Thanks” Doc Link
„really nice work, will play and air on my radio show on Ibiza Sonica” Amir Groove
„The Original of Dirty Symphony is wicked, really strong rolling groove, excellent. Freaky Funk's remix is also cool, not quite with the original for me, then I feel Morning Lights is the other pick - love the build-up in the track. Wicked!” Al Bradley
„Cool Ep, Freaky Funk remix for me is good and original! Thanks Arte!” Millok 
„always good deep sounds from artefact, will play these tracks fo sho!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„Groovy and uptempo jazz house grooves! Very nice!” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)
„love freaky funk work...been into a few of their bits of late..thanks” Demi (Sex on wax)
„Diggin these tunez. ” Trevor Vichas
„It would be cool to get longer samples” Miguel Graca
„DL for Omid 16B will get back to you if he likes thanks Richard” Omid 16b
„Def give some of these a spin when im back on radio :)” Paul Pressure Radio
„sounds good;)” Joan Ribas
„fantastic EP for my sessions...” Felix Jr 
„Solid EP. Freaky Funk remix and Gloaming are my favorite!” Me.N.U.
„The guys at Artefact Records are back with another solid release. Will be playing Darko Milosevic & Darre's "Dirty Symphony (Orig Mix)" in my sets this summer for sure! Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records” Bruno Browning
„Nice package morning lights mix working best for me......cheers...Dave.” DJ Dave Law
„awesome release, full support! my favourite? Dirty Simphony. train comin' on!!! thank you so much guys! :)” Didje Doo
„thanks some good ideas but not sure the production is correct for the club!” Stuart Millar
„thank you ! downloading for . cool vibe . feelin freaky funk rmx most” BLN FM
„Morning Lights & Gloaming are the pick of the bunch for me, nice keys and sax riffs on both creating a good melody & vibe” DJ Lekkey
„Great release !!! "Morning Lights" and "Gloaming" are my choice.”
„Great music as usual. Thanks!” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Nice Ep! A bit of something for everyone.” Sampled Recordings
„LIke the deep but dirty feel.” T.Dizko
„nice pack here really diggin dirty symphony and gloaming great tunes ill be rockin those thanks for the promo!! :)”DJ Brian Kenneth
„Great tunes!!!” Vasko Netkovski
„Diggin this” Marques
„very nice!” DJ Electric
„Freaky Funk's remix of "Dirty symphony" is the one for me - those deep remorseless rhythms and luscious melodies are wicked...” Michael Fossati
„full support !” Lorenzo al Dino
„dig a couple of for sure.” DK Watts
„It's all about MORNING VIBES. Deep experience. Thanks.” GKF Records
„Distinctive stuff, with plenty of energy” This is why we dance blog
„Perfect sound :)” X Twins
„nice vibes... particularly the freaky funk mix and morning lights for me...” Danny (
„Morning Lights is my pick” Dez (Dezmix)
„absolutely love this!” Meri (
„Gracias por su contacto y musica ” WMagazine
„Nice tracks, thank you for sending.” Benjamin Rakun

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dean Mickoski - Dreamless

Dean Mickoski, Macedonian born living in USA debuts on Artefact, with his release called Dreamless including his original mix that has a great vibe, beautiful deep driving melody and piano sounds and all incorporated with sporadic male vocal to form a package that reminds us on some great times for the house music not so long ago. To make this package complete we have included three remixes by Ramorae, LdM and F.North. LdM's remix is on the more deep relaxing chill sound side with a bit of dubtribe soundsystem feel in it and Ramorae's remix is more energetic tech house sound with a great beat as well as F. North's techier take on the original.

Dean Mickoski - Dreamless
1. Dreamless
2. Dreamless (LdM's Afro Re-Work)
3. Dreamless (Ramorae Remix)
4. Dreamless (F. North Remix)
cat no.: ARTE020
release date: 27.03.2012

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Initial support:
„cool stuff !!” Hermanez
„Liking the raw dubby groove of the Ldm remix. Will play that one.” Fishgodeep
„Like the disco samples and feel of the ldm afro rework most, thanks for sending :)” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„Great Work, Will play for sure! Original Mix is for me.” DJ Tovar
„digging the original” Berger
„Original for me...” Mr Andy Ash
„The Ldm Afro re-work is the best in my opinion and the original is ok.” Ally Dickson
„I'm feelin' the Ldm Afro Re-work)” Miguel Graca
„digging the Ldm afro re work...solid stuff here! ” DK Watts
„Nice atmospheric release, with some nice keys thrown in, pick of the bunch for me is the Ramorae Remix” DJ Lekkey
„yes fantastic release” Felix Jr
„original & ramorae rmx for me” Art Patrice
„good work;) downloading to check it louder;)” Joan Ribas
„Smooth tune diggin the groove” Marques
„I prefer the Ramorae Remix” Dez
„Nice release..Dreamless (Ramorae Remix) my favorite of the four. I can use all of these for transitioning up or down in a set. Good skills releasing this one...with labels always releasing one banger after another not many people these days are releasing great transitional tracks. ” Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records
„Very cool sounds as usual :) Supporting!” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Nice grooves all over this baby B^}” Mysticvybes
„digging the Ldm and F. North remixes!” DJ Bonehead
„Thanks! I like the Ramorae mix best” Stuart Millar
„Really nice deep vibes, will support” This is why we dance blog
„Nice one again!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„The delectable original version is the one - smooth yet captivating rhythms and lascivious melodies make this floor weapon” Michael Fossati
„A strong variety of mixes here, the original is cool, plus Ramorae & F.North both provide solid beats, but the LdM Afro Re-work is something special, wicked deepness! ” Al Bradley
„all mixes has his flair, full support !” Lorenzo al Dino
„will try it!” DJ Electric
„The original mix is the one for me!” 815 Records
„its an ok release.” Tom Sahs
„nice slice of retrospective sounding deepness here. My stand out track is the percussive flavoured LDM afro rework. Nice piano's and enjoy the way it builds. One for when folks are locked in to the set, or early evening slow builders! ” Dean Smith
„Ramorae Remix for me !!!!” Denny Trajkov
„Full support friends! I like all tracks, but my favourit "Ldm Afro Re-work"... great!” Sergie Rizzo
„groovy! my fav is track4!” Chi Recordings
„original mix works best for my radio and dj sets.many thanks” Owain Bellis
„another great release!!!” Vasko Netkovski DJ Vaso
„Nice track ” Benjamin Rakun

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WMC 2012 Sampler pt.2

Due to some account problems we haven't been able to post on our blog, so the next few posts are update to what we have been up to for the past couple of months

Various Artists - The Artefacts Pt.2: Miami WMC 2012 Sampler

1.Alexserra - Freakout
2.Chulliano Lexias - Chikas
3.Darko Milosevic & DarRe - Dirty Symphony
4.Freaky Funk - Goes Like This
5.Me.N.U. - My Bitches Take Me Higher
6.Point Rendezvous - Let Us All Unite
cat no.: ARTE019
release date: 13.03.2012

Initial support:
„Chikas stands out here. Nice groove and chords.” Fishgodeep
„Dirty Symphony is the one for me!! Thanks” Doc Link
„freak out & dirty symphony for me, tnx :)” Art Patrice
„Great package of deep tracks. Loving the Bee Gees sample on My Bitches Take Me Higher.” Berger
„Nice EP with some strong tracks, stand out of the bunch for me is Chulliano Lexias - Chikas” DJ Lekkey
„A very competent package this one, nice riffs, hooks and some catchy samples throughout. Pick of the bunch is 'Take Me Higher' for me - those Bee Gee vocals are killer!” DJ Semi
„A pretty good release. Lots of different tracks for people with different styles, the strongest of the bunch in my own personal opinion is the first one, Freak Out.” East End Music
„Really dig the Freak Out track the most. Def gonna give it some spins at WMC. Cheers. ” J.C.Hanna
„Chulliano Lexias Chikas (Original Mix) is my favourite. Will support it. Thanks !” Guillaume Galaxie FM
„Full support to the whole compilation. Thanks!” Gonzalo Menoyo
„sounds good... downloading to check it louder” Joan Ribas
„More great grooves from Artefact! The picks on here for me are Darko Milosevic & Darre "Dirty Symphony" which is really powerful & the wicked rolling deep vibe of Point Rendezvous "Let Us All Unite", which I will get a lot of play for, really into that deep/tech groove. Excellent!” Al Bradley
„EP stronger, but just as good! Good job guys! Full suport!” Sergie Rizzo
„A very nice tracks for my sessions” Felix Jr
„Alexserra - Freak Out has great vibe! Great rhythmic and bouncy stuff!” Housetrap
„Some real fresh sounding stuff - a great EP! I think Dirty Symphony might be my favourite :)” Lee Jarvies
„I really like that Chikas track by Chulliano Lexias.” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)
„Truly versatile sampler sure to set the floor on fire” Michael Fossati
„Great tracks here! Full support” DJ Electric
„Nice one! Full support” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„Will give these some further listening and see how they work out. Nice sounds though, thanks!!” Brandon Bass
„Simply awesome!!!” Vasko Netkovski DJ Vaso
„Another strong EP. Keep 'em coming peeps :)” Tyrone Rose
„Thank very much for the new sampler! Really really enjoyed, All tracks are great. Full support,” Bobi
„Freak Out & Dirty symphony seem like the strongest ones. Thanks for sending” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„Some really nice sounds here, Chulliano Lexias and Points Rendezvous in particular” This is why we dance blog
„nice groovy house stuff guys!” Chi Recordings
„All tracks sound pretty playable, tracks 4, 5 & 6, sounding the Best! Track 2 also sounds like it would be cool in a Deep set! Anyway, cheers for sending. Supporting for Sure. :-)” DJ Dave Hayes
„diggin the point rendezvous Track its pretty sick will def play that thanks for the promo!” DJ Brian Kenneth
„Cool tracks!” Benjamin Rakun
„This is the perfect release right before Miami to get everyone into that springtime state of mind. It has just the right amount of funk, tech and depth which makes this one a no brainer. Another great release guys keep up the great work. ” Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records

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This is the second part of this year's WMC sampler, 6 tracker with tracks from four new artists signed to our label and two from our inhouse producers Freaky Funk and Me.N.U. Styles ranging from deep funky house to a bit of jackin and tech house sounds. 
We start the second part of the sampler with a track from very talented Slovenian producer Alexserra, called Freak Out, rolling bassline, beautiful female voice incorporated with a great beat, just enough to make you move on the dance floor and freak you out in the positive way of course... 
Second is another track from slovenian producers, the duo called Chulliano Lexias, great deep drive, with beautiful melodies and deep chords, with a funky sounding guitar riffs, laid over with a female vocal and a chunky bass line to give that deepness a beautiful drive called Chikas. 
Next is Dirty Symphony a track produced by two Montenegrin artists Darko Milosevic and Darre, powerful tech funky track, a mixture of a funky melody and a tech drive reinforced with a powerfull bass line aiming for that peak time on the dancefloor. 
The fourth track comes from our inhouse artist and one of the most successful ones on our label the Montenegrin Freaky Funk, who is still burning the dancefloors with his previous ep, but now he treats us with Goes Like This jackin hip housing funky sound that has become his trademark, male sporadic rap, funky flute, deep pulsating bass line and great chords that will not let you stay still. 
Next is another inhouse producer this time the Macedonian Me.N.U with his take on a great disco classic, mixing parts of the accapella with some innovative use of sampling, guitar riffs, live female vocals, My Bitches Take Me Higher a great sounding disco house track packed with energy. 
And to close this project comes a new name for Artefact a duo made of Macedonian producer and a DJ and an British female radio DJ for which we think you will hear more in the near future, the track is called Let Us All Unite, starting with an undeground feel, pulsating bass line, driving beat mixed with a powerfull accapella and occasional deep underground chords and a funky guitar riff that somewhere in the middle, right after the breakdown with the use of a live recorded female vocal the track progresses in a very club oriented sound with uplifting feel but still maintaining the underground touch.

Monday, February 27, 2012

WMC 2012 SAMPLER pt.1

Various Artists - The Artefacts Pt.1: Miami Winter Music Conference 2012 Sampler (Artefact Records)

1. Angel Rize - Rize Up (New York House Mix)
2. Dean Mickoski - Dreamless
3. JayCeel - Back To Disco
4. Nova Generacia - Waterfall (Artone Remix)
5. Soul Equation - It Never Stops (Extended Mix)
6. X Twins - Innovators
cat no.: ARTE018
release date: 07.03.2012 

Supported by:
„Back to disco for me. Thanks” Giom
„very nice compilation, very interesting bits, good luck! tnx !” Hermanez
„Couple of tracks I might get some use from here, the others don't have the vibe for me, thanks for sending my way.” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„Soul Equation's track is great, will play !” Soulminority
„Nova Generacia waterfalls is a really dope record, will be supported by Swift Of DJN Project” Swift
„This is a really cool selection of house beats - good to see variation on the label & a strong 'quality' control. Each track is really usable, but the two which stand out for me are jayceel "Back To Disco" which has a wicked deep flow & X Twins "Innovators", really love the way this builds & the deep/tech vibe. Great stuff! ” Al Bradley
„Nice stuff. "Rize up" favourite. Thankx ;)” Soluble recordings
„really nice sampler guys...keep it up!” DK Watts
„Nice vibes on this one. Feeling Rize Up & Back to disco.” Tyrone Rose
„Great tracks!! Full support!” Gonzalo Menoyo
„X Twins - Innovators amazing track ...summer deep ” Bokee /Kinetic Vibe, SillyHeadZ
„Rize Up (New York House Mix) - will try... ” Jesus Pablo
„A nicely varied EP promising good things from Artefact in 2012!” This is why we dance blog
„good compilation. downloading to check it louder” Joan Ribas
„Artone remix is cool, the others not quite for me, but thanks!” Lee Jarvies
„thanks I'll check out the full mixes” Miguel Graca
„Back to Disco is is the best song (great disco vibe)” Steve Price (Soulfulbros)
„A gorgeous truly varied package sure to set the floors on fire...” Michael Fossati
„Thanks for sending this EP. It sounds nice, smooth and deep. Will Play it for sure. All the best.” GKF Records
„wow this is hot!” UDM Show
„Solid release just as I've come to expect from Artefact Records. Loving what you guys are putting down. X Twins Innovators (Original Mix) my favorite of the release however I sure all of the tracks will find their way into my sets...just like your previous releases.” Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records Las Vegas
„nice tunes” James Harrigan (Sub Club)
„Some cool tracks here, Tracks 1, 2 & 3 will get some support! Cheers for sending :-)” DJ Dave Hayes
„Def diggin Angel Rize” Marques
„nice pack Back 2 disco is the one for me...” Jimmy Ellis
„ Nice solid package all around .will defo support ” Bobi
„I like that groove classic house sounds. The track "It Never Stops" by Soul Equation is fantastic!” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)
„Miami, get ready for this release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Viktor Begic
„Once again another strong EP Waterfall and Back To disco being the stand out tunes for me. Looking to airing them soon!” DJ Lekkey
„Cool E.P. Classic and modern sounds, exellent fusion The Lovely more Rize Up, Angel Rize and X Twins Innovators, Full Suport from Barcelona” Sergie Rizzo
„Great variety on this release. 6 solid tracks with the Jayceel and soul equation tracks first class stand outs. great stuff steph (a deeper groove)” Steph O'Connor
„i like them all!” Didje Doo
„Incredible tracks, total support” Felix Jr
„Sounds good!” Kid Enigma
„Some cool stuff here, thanks!” Dudu Palandre
„Great tracks! ” Benjamin Rakun
„strong package for Miami for Artefact-will be supporting Angel Rize,Jayceel and Soul Equation.” Owain Bellis
„I think, these are really great tunes, and for sure will find a place in my record bag. Support big time!!” Amir Groove
„Soul Equation It Never Stops (Original Mix),Angel Rize Rize Up (New York House Mix) and Nova Generacia Waterfall (Artone Remix) are my faves, they are what House Music is all about!!! Love them!!! Such a good feeling... Full support for all the mixes...” Ricky Teixeira
„Will play this one 4 sure!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar

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    It is that time of the year again, everyone is preparing for some sunshine and great new music and we are proud to present you the first part of this year's Artefact's WMC sampler, consisting of 6 tracks with styles ranging from classic house sound to the more subtile deep and tech sounds with some flavors of disco and funk in between as our mission statement says we believe in artistic freedom, never limited to one genre, always reflecting the current movements of the clubbing scene while praising the roots & origins of today's electronic music.
    We have four producers included on the first part of the sampler that are brand new additions to our artists roster and two well established producers that have already released some material for our label, Angel Rize and X Twins.
    To start things of we have “Rize Up” a t rack by Angel Rize and his original production style using a great groove along beautiful melodies, piano sounds and strings mixed with female vocal to deliver a great sounding classic house feel.
    Next is Dean Mickoski, Macedonian born living in USA first time on Artefact, with his track “Dreamless” that has a great vibe, beautiful deep driving melody and piano sounds and all incorporated with sporadic male vocal to form a package that reminds us on some great times for the house music not so long ago.
  Next is JayCeel, a Danish born producer with great potential that has brought to Artefact his disco flavored sound very simple but very powerful and ready for the dance floor with his track “Back To Disco”.
   The fourth track on this sampler is a remix done by the bulgarian producer Artone who has few of his works on our label, and this time he has done his remix work on a track called “Waterfall” from the bulgarian band Nova Generacia, the track has his very well know signature of deep melodies and beautiful bass line mixed with the great female vocal to get a sound that reminds us of the sexy sounding productions of the very well know label Naked music.
   Fifth track “It Never Stops” is from yet another first appearance on our label Soul Equation, a producer that is yet to show his talent, with his great production skills across few very different styles of music, but this time he is exploring the deep and funky sounds, with clever use of piano sounds as well as guitar sample and spiced with some strings all packaged with driving bass line.
   Last but not least is our friend from Montenegro X Twins, with his “Innovators” one of his best works so far, very modern sound with unbelievably powerful bass line along with liquid melody that puts you in a great mood, deep sound filled with so much soul and at titude, a track for a dance floor as well as the comfort of your home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out today...James Silk - Lost Circus EP [arte017]

Out today, the newest signing to Artefact Records, James Silk's "Lost Circus EP".

Supported by Hermanez, Giom, Mikkel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Alfred Azzetto, Al Bradley (3AM), Bogdan Taran, Colin Sales (Ministry of Sound), DJ Nutritious, Hector Moralez, Nachtvogels (Jonaz Martinez), Paul Pressure Radio, DK Watts, James Harrigan (Sub Club), Bruno Browning, Michael Fossati, Gonzalo Menoyo, Stuartt Millar, DJ Bonehead, Olivier, Brandon Bass and many others......

James Silk - Lost Circus EP [arte017]
1.Friend Of Mine
2.Hazy Dayz
3.Trail To Buda

Get your copy at the best digital stores accross the globe:

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preview of the forthcoming EP "Lost Circus" by James Silk on Artefact Records

James Silk - Lost Circus EP  [arte017]
1.Friend Of Mine
2.Hazy Dayz
3.Trail To Buda

Liverpool born James Silk, is the newest addition to the Artefact records artist roster.
Relatively new producer on the House scene, James is far from inexperienced when it comes to music. Already released tracks for Open Bar Music, She/It Records, Cimelde Records and few other labels, debuts on Artefact with the three tracker called “Lost Circus EP” that is set straight for to the dance floor.

Starting with “Friend Of Mine” where James's clever usage of the vocal snippet from Incognito's Still Friend of Mine softly filtering thru the break down, and the mix with a deep bass line and modern tech sounds, shows his ability to connect the old with the modern in a great balance.

Hazy Dayz carries a lighter bounce with the funky influenced bass line, along with a creamy funky soulful vocal riding on a chunky rolling grooves, and a sweet disco riff filtering thru the grooves, a minimalistic approach with a great vibe.

Rounding off this flawless package, James takes us on a Trail To Buda, with the deep and crisp bass line and old school male vocal sublimed with an old school melody and an eastern male vocal that gives the atmospheric feel to the whole groove and right in the middle a rolling piano takes the whole track to a different level, whilst the vibe stays intact and delivers a joyfully emotional ride.

Fusing old school sounds with current dancefloor sensibilities James Silk is a new name that we are proud to have onboard at Artefact Records and a name that we are sure you will be hearing a lot more in the near future.

Lost Circus EP by artefactrecords

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out today...Massive! - Structures Of Life [arte016]

Massive! - Structures Of Life [arte016]


3.Gasp Out

Initial support by Omid 16b, Giom, Hector Moralez, Doc Link, Fish Go Deep, Jon Silva, DJ Tovar, Art Patrice, Tommy Largo, Miguel Graca, Murray Richardson, DK Watts, Bogdan Taran, Colin Sales (MOS), Mr. Jones, Norbert Borchers (HSH), Alfred Azzetto, Jonaz Martinez and the list goes on...

Massive! the solo project of Jordan Naumov one of the youngest Macedonian producers on the scene, comes with the first official release for Artefact Records called "Structures Of Life".

This release contains two new tracks and one track that was futured on Artefact's Summer Sampler. "Juicy" kicks things off with the right amount of deep sounds, strong bassline and slow drifting vibes with perfectly placed vocal snippets. Next up we have "Playtime", and it continues where Juicy left with a bit more stronger vibe and deeper sounds with a driving bassline along sexy female vocal samples. Last but not least is "Gasp Out" the track that has been futured on the Artefact's Summer Sampler, it keeps things rolling with it's stompy feel, bouncy bassline mixed with a female vocal and carefully chosen synth sounds that give the track a more techier feel.

All in all a three tracker that is ready for those late night sessions at the dance floor.

Get your copy at your prefered digital store:

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Supported by:
Very solid tracks, especially Playtime and Gasp Out. Nice Prescription/Ron Trent vibe on both of those. Will play. ” Fish Go Deep 

cool stuff.....;-)” Franco Lenti

Juicy (Original Mix) NIce! Support” Alex Pich

Thanks! Support on Playtime for me! Lovely vibe!” Jonaz Martinez 

Juicy (Original Mix) Nice deep cut. Will definately support this one....exactly the type of track I love for my late night sets. Playtime (Original Mix) Nice rhythm track and I dig the vocal stabs. Must say that I perfer the first but that's just me. Overall nice track. Gasp Out (Original Mix) Really dig this one!! Love the gate on the drums and the bass line is surging. Deep yet techy.....driving while at the same time layers of depth that are spot on. 5 stars -Bruno Browning (producer/owner of Soulsupplement Records ” Bruno Browning

Juicy and Playtime. Great Ep! Nice old school vibe. ” Trevor Vichas

Juicy is dope ... Other tracks don`t really have anything special going on. Bit generic ... Professionally done though, just not creative enough..”  Soul Rebel One

Playtime is my favourite. Thanks :)” Colin Sales (Ministry Of Sound)

nice 3 track ep filled with deep tracks that would definitely work on the floor.” East End Music

Nice one Massive :)” Gur (Funkfield Rec)

Yeah nice plodding house grooves, nothing overly flash about them all but they are all extremely useful for mixing with in sets, thanks for sending.” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)

Playtime sounds nice to me, will try this” Bogdan Taran

Wow!!! What cool sounds!!! I like this shit!! :)” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)

I like Juicy the most. Thanks” Giom

really nice release...I am digging the minimal deep house vibes on this EP. Will Support for sure! ” DK Watts

great track !” Lorenzo al Dino

Really nice deep vibes, will support - Juicy is the pick for me” This is why we dance blog

Cool release” Miguel Graca

full 16bs of support omid / salah” Omid 16b

Cool deep cuts. Full support!” Gonzalo Menoyo

like JUICY best - full support” Murray Richardson

Loving the dubbiness of "juicy" & "playtime" but "gasp out" is the one for me. Will definitely drop in my set.” Tyrone Rose

solid release” Jon Silva

pretty good release!” Tom Sahs

thanks but too light” Stuart Millar

...really good package” Iceberg

Nice ep Massive - Juicy (Original Mix) for me! thanks!” Millok

Great work i live it! full support!” Ricky Teixeira

Deeper! I Love Juicy!” Sergie Rizzo

All the tracks are cool, good & fresh deep house, will try. Thanx; ” Bobi

Fantastic tracks! I really like Juicy, and will play them all, thank you! ~Lee” Lee Jarvies

nice one, all tracks are great” Art Patrice

great package will play for sure!” DJ Tovar

Nice release guys. Really digging the deep chugginess of these tracks, especially Juicy and Playtime. Thanks!”Brandon Bass

Specially for my sessions” Felix Jr

nice deep tunes! playtime is my favourite track” Tommy Largo

nice first release, nice slice of deep house that has my support. Good luck with it all! ” Dean Smith

noce again, hot release by Artefact! my favourite is Playtime: i love swallen grooves like this!” Didje Doo (Mesa Verde)

Nice one! Supporting!” Dudu Palandre

Juicy,juicy,juicy,superb !!!” Denny Trajkov

great work, support!!” Amir Groove

nica pack of groovy tunes!” Chi Recordings


Nice deep tracks. Will play some for sure.” Milos Resanovic Rescobar

Juicy in interessting but don't love the rest of the EP...too dark for us” Bart Soulfulbros

'Juicy' is quite DEEP! Not really feeling the other tracks though.” Sean McCabe

Cool tracks” Benjamin Rakun

thanks for the release will support!” Hector Moralez

All tracks sounds great for me at first listening. Will try it! thanks for sending” DJ Electric 
Great deep/tech influenced grooves here, really feeling the two opening tracks but the overall EP is solid. "Playtime" is superb, wicked deepness - full support!” Al Bradley

Playtime has a pretty nice groove!!!” Housetrap

Loving the vibes on Juicy and Massive - definitely get radio/club air time - Thumbs up! DJ Tito Pulpo - Save Our Soul

this is a strong package-juicy and gasp out are definately tracks i will play and support.many thanks for sending”Owain Bellis

Thanks for sharing the music of their artists. News of the material will be included in the next issue of the journal. We will send an email to edit the news. Greetings from Argentina” WMagazine

Nice tracks. Nothing outrages but nice fillers for a night.” Hippie Torrales

Solid pieces here! Thanks” Doc Link

Some nice material, but it's not quite for me” Craig Stewart

Thx for promo.... Nice one ” Alfred Azzetto