Monday, February 27, 2012

WMC 2012 SAMPLER pt.1

Various Artists - The Artefacts Pt.1: Miami Winter Music Conference 2012 Sampler (Artefact Records)

1. Angel Rize - Rize Up (New York House Mix)
2. Dean Mickoski - Dreamless
3. JayCeel - Back To Disco
4. Nova Generacia - Waterfall (Artone Remix)
5. Soul Equation - It Never Stops (Extended Mix)
6. X Twins - Innovators
cat no.: ARTE018
release date: 07.03.2012 

Supported by:
„Back to disco for me. Thanks” Giom
„very nice compilation, very interesting bits, good luck! tnx !” Hermanez
„Couple of tracks I might get some use from here, the others don't have the vibe for me, thanks for sending my way.” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„Soul Equation's track is great, will play !” Soulminority
„Nova Generacia waterfalls is a really dope record, will be supported by Swift Of DJN Project” Swift
„This is a really cool selection of house beats - good to see variation on the label & a strong 'quality' control. Each track is really usable, but the two which stand out for me are jayceel "Back To Disco" which has a wicked deep flow & X Twins "Innovators", really love the way this builds & the deep/tech vibe. Great stuff! ” Al Bradley
„Nice stuff. "Rize up" favourite. Thankx ;)” Soluble recordings
„really nice sampler guys...keep it up!” DK Watts
„Nice vibes on this one. Feeling Rize Up & Back to disco.” Tyrone Rose
„Great tracks!! Full support!” Gonzalo Menoyo
„X Twins - Innovators amazing track ...summer deep ” Bokee /Kinetic Vibe, SillyHeadZ
„Rize Up (New York House Mix) - will try... ” Jesus Pablo
„A nicely varied EP promising good things from Artefact in 2012!” This is why we dance blog
„good compilation. downloading to check it louder” Joan Ribas
„Artone remix is cool, the others not quite for me, but thanks!” Lee Jarvies
„thanks I'll check out the full mixes” Miguel Graca
„Back to Disco is is the best song (great disco vibe)” Steve Price (Soulfulbros)
„A gorgeous truly varied package sure to set the floors on fire...” Michael Fossati
„Thanks for sending this EP. It sounds nice, smooth and deep. Will Play it for sure. All the best.” GKF Records
„wow this is hot!” UDM Show
„Solid release just as I've come to expect from Artefact Records. Loving what you guys are putting down. X Twins Innovators (Original Mix) my favorite of the release however I sure all of the tracks will find their way into my sets...just like your previous releases.” Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records Las Vegas
„nice tunes” James Harrigan (Sub Club)
„Some cool tracks here, Tracks 1, 2 & 3 will get some support! Cheers for sending :-)” DJ Dave Hayes
„Def diggin Angel Rize” Marques
„nice pack Back 2 disco is the one for me...” Jimmy Ellis
„ Nice solid package all around .will defo support ” Bobi
„I like that groove classic house sounds. The track "It Never Stops" by Soul Equation is fantastic!” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)
„Miami, get ready for this release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Viktor Begic
„Once again another strong EP Waterfall and Back To disco being the stand out tunes for me. Looking to airing them soon!” DJ Lekkey
„Cool E.P. Classic and modern sounds, exellent fusion The Lovely more Rize Up, Angel Rize and X Twins Innovators, Full Suport from Barcelona” Sergie Rizzo
„Great variety on this release. 6 solid tracks with the Jayceel and soul equation tracks first class stand outs. great stuff steph (a deeper groove)” Steph O'Connor
„i like them all!” Didje Doo
„Incredible tracks, total support” Felix Jr
„Sounds good!” Kid Enigma
„Some cool stuff here, thanks!” Dudu Palandre
„Great tracks! ” Benjamin Rakun
„strong package for Miami for Artefact-will be supporting Angel Rize,Jayceel and Soul Equation.” Owain Bellis
„I think, these are really great tunes, and for sure will find a place in my record bag. Support big time!!” Amir Groove
„Soul Equation It Never Stops (Original Mix),Angel Rize Rize Up (New York House Mix) and Nova Generacia Waterfall (Artone Remix) are my faves, they are what House Music is all about!!! Love them!!! Such a good feeling... Full support for all the mixes...” Ricky Teixeira
„Will play this one 4 sure!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar

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    It is that time of the year again, everyone is preparing for some sunshine and great new music and we are proud to present you the first part of this year's Artefact's WMC sampler, consisting of 6 tracks with styles ranging from classic house sound to the more subtile deep and tech sounds with some flavors of disco and funk in between as our mission statement says we believe in artistic freedom, never limited to one genre, always reflecting the current movements of the clubbing scene while praising the roots & origins of today's electronic music.
    We have four producers included on the first part of the sampler that are brand new additions to our artists roster and two well established producers that have already released some material for our label, Angel Rize and X Twins.
    To start things of we have “Rize Up” a t rack by Angel Rize and his original production style using a great groove along beautiful melodies, piano sounds and strings mixed with female vocal to deliver a great sounding classic house feel.
    Next is Dean Mickoski, Macedonian born living in USA first time on Artefact, with his track “Dreamless” that has a great vibe, beautiful deep driving melody and piano sounds and all incorporated with sporadic male vocal to form a package that reminds us on some great times for the house music not so long ago.
  Next is JayCeel, a Danish born producer with great potential that has brought to Artefact his disco flavored sound very simple but very powerful and ready for the dance floor with his track “Back To Disco”.
   The fourth track on this sampler is a remix done by the bulgarian producer Artone who has few of his works on our label, and this time he has done his remix work on a track called “Waterfall” from the bulgarian band Nova Generacia, the track has his very well know signature of deep melodies and beautiful bass line mixed with the great female vocal to get a sound that reminds us of the sexy sounding productions of the very well know label Naked music.
   Fifth track “It Never Stops” is from yet another first appearance on our label Soul Equation, a producer that is yet to show his talent, with his great production skills across few very different styles of music, but this time he is exploring the deep and funky sounds, with clever use of piano sounds as well as guitar sample and spiced with some strings all packaged with driving bass line.
   Last but not least is our friend from Montenegro X Twins, with his “Innovators” one of his best works so far, very modern sound with unbelievably powerful bass line along with liquid melody that puts you in a great mood, deep sound filled with so much soul and at titude, a track for a dance floor as well as the comfort of your home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out today...James Silk - Lost Circus EP [arte017]

Out today, the newest signing to Artefact Records, James Silk's "Lost Circus EP".

Supported by Hermanez, Giom, Mikkel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Alfred Azzetto, Al Bradley (3AM), Bogdan Taran, Colin Sales (Ministry of Sound), DJ Nutritious, Hector Moralez, Nachtvogels (Jonaz Martinez), Paul Pressure Radio, DK Watts, James Harrigan (Sub Club), Bruno Browning, Michael Fossati, Gonzalo Menoyo, Stuartt Millar, DJ Bonehead, Olivier, Brandon Bass and many others......

James Silk - Lost Circus EP [arte017]
1.Friend Of Mine
2.Hazy Dayz
3.Trail To Buda

Get your copy at the best digital stores accross the globe:

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preview of the forthcoming EP "Lost Circus" by James Silk on Artefact Records

James Silk - Lost Circus EP  [arte017]
1.Friend Of Mine
2.Hazy Dayz
3.Trail To Buda

Liverpool born James Silk, is the newest addition to the Artefact records artist roster.
Relatively new producer on the House scene, James is far from inexperienced when it comes to music. Already released tracks for Open Bar Music, She/It Records, Cimelde Records and few other labels, debuts on Artefact with the three tracker called “Lost Circus EP” that is set straight for to the dance floor.

Starting with “Friend Of Mine” where James's clever usage of the vocal snippet from Incognito's Still Friend of Mine softly filtering thru the break down, and the mix with a deep bass line and modern tech sounds, shows his ability to connect the old with the modern in a great balance.

Hazy Dayz carries a lighter bounce with the funky influenced bass line, along with a creamy funky soulful vocal riding on a chunky rolling grooves, and a sweet disco riff filtering thru the grooves, a minimalistic approach with a great vibe.

Rounding off this flawless package, James takes us on a Trail To Buda, with the deep and crisp bass line and old school male vocal sublimed with an old school melody and an eastern male vocal that gives the atmospheric feel to the whole groove and right in the middle a rolling piano takes the whole track to a different level, whilst the vibe stays intact and delivers a joyfully emotional ride.

Fusing old school sounds with current dancefloor sensibilities James Silk is a new name that we are proud to have onboard at Artefact Records and a name that we are sure you will be hearing a lot more in the near future.

Lost Circus EP by artefactrecords