Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blagoj Rambabov - Secret Ways

Artefact is proud to present you the newest release 'Secret Ways' courtesy of the up and coming Macedonian producer Blagoj Rambabov, along with remixes from our inhouse artist Dejan Dex and the new talent Igor Kostoski. 
Blagoj Rambabov is coming up strong with every new release and with Secret Ways stays true to his sound that shows his ability to produce undeground tracks with a deep and funky feel sounding modern but with that old school touch. 
He is on fire and his latest release Brooklyn Central EP for Tzinah records received great support from djs and producers like Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Loco Dice, Gel Abril, Robert Dietz, Paco Osuna, Carlos Sanchez, Javi Bora, Chris Lake and more. On the other side Dejan Dex shows his mature side of producing and mixing and gives us a version suitable for the clubs and parties with those underground floors and dancing crowds, by clever usage of effects and filters mixed with a powerful and chunky bassline to give it a beautiful tripy feel that makes you wanna dance. Igor Kostoski proves his talent and puts his mark on this great track, with a beautiful and energetic drive while staying deep all the way. All in all great and divers selection for all of your different dj sets.

Blagoj Rambabov - Secret Ways
1.Secret Ways
2.Secret Ways (Dub Edit)
3.Secret Ways (Dejan Dex Remix)
4.Secret Ways (Igor Kostoski Remix)
cat no.: ARTE026
release date: 10.31.2012
style: deep/ house

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Initial feedback:
„nice release, thanks a lot !” Hermanez
„like the original mix thanx” Graeme Reedie Silicone Soul
„underground bidnizz!!” Jason Hodges
„Original mix of Secret Ways is cool. Percussion and vocal working well together. ” Fishgodeep
„thanks for sedning... :)” Jesus Pablo
„nice dub.. dig the vibe just dark enough but not to much. ” Hector Moralez
„Great vibes on the original & dub mixes for me, really feeling them! ” Al Bradley
„nice groove. dub edit for me” Tommy Largo
„thanks will listen.” Omid 16b
„Overall nice deep moody vibes with a nice variation in the remix pack making it for an overall well rounded release.” T.Dizko
„(Dejan Dex Remix) Remix is a nice bubbling grove! Yeah!” Bob Povey
„Great EP! Original is very cool, but I'll probably try them all out!” Lee Jarvies
„really cool package here. digging the original and dub. will play. thanks!!!” Brandon Bass
„fav is the Kostoski mix!” Synchro Records
„Secret Ways (Dejan Dex Remix) pick of the bunch for me, strong dubby bassline and punchy keys, another strong release from Artefact Records” DJ Lekkey
„good release” Joan Ribas
„Deep & Techy niceness!! Good vibes throughout, will definitely be supporting.”DJ Semi
„veeeeery nice” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„DUb Edit for me thanks!” Merimell
„YES!Realy support this collection of Macedonian Artists,Dub mix & Dejan Dex Remix my fav” Denny Trajkov
„all my fav! ” Saso Recyd
„Another top quality release from one of favorite labels of 2012. Will definitely support. ” Bruno Browning
„It's all about original mix. Thanks” GKF Records
„Tracks 1 and 4 are my favorite, the overall feel and quirkiness of them makes for very DJ friendly tracks that can be used in any set.” Jeff Groove Asylum
„SICK STUFF!!! CHEERS!!!” Steven Mansfield
„Thanks for the music.” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Solid club vibes” This is why we dance blog
„solid and kickin ! Will fits with my sets at the beach of las salinas.” Lorenzo al Dino
„I must say that the production/sound quality is top notch! ” Nylon Recordings
„Support !!!” Boshe
„mh mh mh :)” Vaso Netkovski
„nice deep beats with lovely perc... liking the bassline.” Bobi
„Thanks a lot for the promo” Michael Fossati
„this is cool i recognize the sample” Tom Sahs
„Original mix is my favorite. great sound. will be playing a lot” Me.N.U.
„will try out Dejan Dex remix, thank you.” Adam Ant
„I like so much the "original" and "dub edit". Exquisite blend of deep house and broken beat. Nice!” Sergie Rizzo

FFunk and Proximus - Your Way

The 25th release on our label comes as courtesy of Ffunk aka Freaky Funk and Proximus named "Your Way", reinforced with remixes from our inhouse artists Angel Rize and Pavle Vasiljevic.
Ffunk and Proximus use cool deep vibes mixed with a great female vox just enough to suite the vibe of the track, with a bassline for that main floor usage. Angel Rize incorporates his well known funky and delightful sound giving it more deeper and mellow drive.

Pavle Vasiljevic using the vocal of Amanda Evans does his version of Your Way in a distinctive and recognizable sound full of funky pads, great melody and guitar riffs that give the version more open and positive vibe.

FFunk and Proximus - Your Way
1.Your Way
2.Your Way (Angel Rize Remix)
3.Your Way (Pavle Vasiljevic f. Amanda Evans I Rise Remix)
cat no.: ARTE025
release date: 09.24.2012
style: deep/ vocal/ house

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Initial feedback:

„Angel Rize Remix for me... ” Jesus Pablo
„Really dig the Angel Rize mix. Great prime time vocal deepness. DEF gonna be in rotation in Milwaukee. Cheers. ” J.C.Hanna
„nice...liking angel size remix” James Harrigan (Sub Club)
„Really enjoying Vasiljevic and Amanda Evans mix” Hippie Torrales
„Cool deep vibes, the vox are nicely understated & really suit the vibe of the track. All three versions are great, the Pavle Vasilevic and Amanda Evans remix is the one for me. Cheers! :)” Al Bradley
„will check Your Way (Pavle Vasiljevic And Amanda Evans I Rise Remix)” DJ Nutritious
„Lovely seasonal release, favourite mix of the EP has to be the 'Amanda Evans Rise Remix' - pure chilled house bliss! Will definitely be supporting.” DJ Semi
„thanks! nice deep house” Stuart Millar
„Nice track!” Dean DJdimension
„Like the the Angel Rize Remix most!” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)
„fantastic track....” Felix Jr
„It sounds good. Will play it. Thanks.” GKF Records
„Angel Rize mix all the way for me” This is why we dance blog
„Love the eclectic vibe that Artefact is constantly laying down. Always a little something for everyone. Nice release...will definitely be supporting this one." Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records”
„Ffunk And Proximus - Your Way (Angel Rize Remix) for me ...nice :)))))” DJ Fakir
„nice thanks” Soluble Recordings
„Very Sexy!!!!!” (09/13/12 21:14:56):
„I really like Angel Rize remix i think that will fit in nicely ” Marq Walsh
„The Angel Rize remix is great. Will be playing for sure” Brandon Bass
„supporting as always :) v” Vaso Netkovski
„Angel Rize remix is the one for me” Owain Bellis
„the angel rize mix is ok, thanks for sending” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„solid produced.....” Lorenzo al Dino
„Fantastic e.p like always .Absolutly Quality Deepness! I Like It. Full support ” Bobi
„Loving the Vocal , Angel Rize Remix is my pick , great job FULL support !!!” Boshe Spasenovski
„Thanks.” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Angel Rize remix is my favourite. I think I will have any chance to play it somewhere. Thanks” Guillaume Galaxie FM
„Very nice.... I am supporting this !!” Dean Facer
„it's all about the delightful Angel Rize remix...” Michael Fossati
„Angel Rize nailed it!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„great deep feel!” Synchro Records
„Nice deepness” Benjamin Rakun
„My brother Rize remix,favourite!” Denny Trajkov
„Angel Rize mix for me. Groovy.” DJ Johnny H
„Loving the 2nd mix, Angel Rize” Dez Mix

Artone & Anton Pau - Need Deep EP

Artefact is proud to present you the first EP from the Bulgarian djs and producers Artone and Anton Pau. Artone is a young and talanted producer who's original, deep, melodic style can be recognized thru his remix and original work released for our label. He has released many musical projects and worked for Bulgarian and international labels like FLC Records (BG), Funktion Music (BG), Bastardos United (BG), Artefact Records (MK), Fairlads Digital (HU), Bloodsugar Records (DE), Sony Music Entertainment (DE) and etc. Along comes Anton Paunov aka Anton Pau with his distinctive percussions, deep bass and sharp high hats a style recognizable thru the work with Artone as well as his remixes. Artone and Antone Pau have used great skills in the programing, sound clarity and production in this release and with its groovy tech-soul oozing with gorgeous melodies and smooth yet contaminous rhythms is a great addition to anyone's deep collection.

Artone & Anton Pau - Need Deep EP
1.Need Deep
2.Need Deep (Anton Pau DUBB Mix)
3.Soul Shakin' (Rework)
cat no.: ARTE024
release date: 08.27.2012
style: deep/ tech/ house

Selected feedback:

„Nice deep ep, i will support it....” Alex Dimitri
„Great track. Loving original.” Hippie Torrales
„This one will definitely get my support !!!” DJ Bonehead
„tr2 for me! thanx!” (09/17/12 14:10:08):
„Artone And Anton Pau Soul Shakin' (Rework) for me!¬” Dave Therapy Music
„The dub of Need Deep has a good groove going on. ” Fishgodeep
„Yet another strong release, looking forward to giving the EP an airing on show, Soul Shakin' (Rework) is the stand out track for me, love the dubby beats and pads creating a nice vibe throughout the track” DJ Lekkey
„thanks for the music” Omid 16b
„Original Mix for my sessions” Felix Jr
„Dope release. My full support.” Brazilian Soul Crew
„downloading, thanks” Art Patrice
„Songs are cool, just not the style i play ” DJN project
„Artone And Anton Pau Soul Shakin' (Rework) above mix working best for me......nice work ….cheers….Dave.”DJ Dave Law
„Very nice deep release! Will find place in my deep parts of set! Full support” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„Another great release,love all the versions Anton Pau Remix my fav!!!!” Denny Trajkov
„Nice deep sounds...thanks for the promos. Will include these in my sessions.” Jon Deep
„Need Deep (Original Mix) does it for me.” Miloe
„nice production” Tommy Largo
„Great release here guys. Full support and will be playing these” Brandon Bass
„Another quality release!!Excellent deephouse. All mixes are good” Bobi
„Tight diggin this” Marques Wyatt
„Very solid deep vibes” This is why we dance blog
„Oooh! Love the deep techy vibes!” 815 Records
„I think the programming, sound clarity, and production is amazing.” Kid Enigma
„Niiiice. Will promote it tonight :) Vaso” Vaso Netkovski
„A great addition to anyone's deep collection...nice job.” Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records
„Deepness !!!!!” Boshe
„Great deep tech feel. Love it!” Synchro Records
„Cool stuff, the percussive groove of "Soul Shakin" the pick for me, great stuff :)” Al Bradley
„Will support....” DJ Eman
„like the ep thanx” Graeme Reedie Silicone Soul
„(Anton Pau Dubb Mix) is probably the strongest here to me. Thanks for sending though.” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„Will try the original!” DJ Electric
„wel done !” Lorenzo al Dino
„Groovy tech-soul oozing with gorgeous melodies and smooth yet contaminous rhythms... favorite track is the lovely rework of "Soul shakin'"...” Michael Fossati
„Nice sounds.” Guillaume Galaxie FM
„Yes I need” Benjamin Rakun