Saturday, November 10, 2012

Artefact 2

Our believe in the trinity of great sound, deep vibes & beautiful music and the artistic freedom, never limited to one genre, but always reflecting the current movements of the clubbing scene while praising the roots & origins of today's electronic music has been driving us forward for the past two years, and after 22 releases, 33 artists, 84 tracks that found a special place on our label and in our hearts we are releasing the compilation simple called "2" with a selection of 18 tracks released during our second year. It features tracks by James Silk, JayCeel, Dean Mickoski, Massive!, X Twins, Angel Rize, Artone, Freaky Funk, Me.N.U., Flavio Zogaib, Alexserra, Goran Tech, Nova Generacia, Darko Milosevic & Darre. We are proud of every track, release and artist that has been connected to our label in any way and during our first two years our artists received great support and feedback from many djs and producers around the world like Timewriter, Robert Owens, Giom, Hermanez, Omid 16b, Jon Silva, Fish Go Deep, Soulmagic, Alfred Azetto, Doc Link, DJ Eman, Graeme Park, Al Bradley, Eddie Amador, John Mateo, Mr.Jones, Tony Thomas, Blacksoul, Hector Morales and many others.

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