Friday, December 10, 2010

The Commencement EP [arte001] by Angel Rize and Denny Trajkov

Artist: Angel Rize and Denny Trajkov
Title: The Commencement EP
Featuring: Circled Love, Let It Feel, Get Down, Millennium Park
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte001
Genre: Deep, Funky, Tech, House
Release Date: 21st of July 2010
Support: Hernan Cattaneo, Shlomi Aber, Tom Blacksoul, Gonzalo Menoyo, Tony Thomas, Eddie Amador, Baggi Begovic, Alfred Azzetto, Dario D'Attis, Mikel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Tom Morgan, Leigh Morghan, J&M Brothers, DJP ( and many others...

"The Commencement" is our icebreaking EP, that contains 4 tracks from 2 creative & talented DJs from Macedonia: Angel Rize & Denny Trajkov,bringing every shade from the soul of the summer in your living room, or even better, on the dance floor.

Starting lightly, just in case you've missed the sense of a perfectly sunsetting, frostly chilled party, we strongly recommend that you sit back, relax & let the smoothing, light funky groove from Angel Rize's ocean-breathing "Let It Feel" take you to the place where you've always wanted to be. 
The flowing bass line is spiced up with catchy guitar & captivating  male vocals, making this track a must have cocktail.

The next Rize's piece "Circled Love" heats up the groove: jazzy, techy & bursting with energy. A mini break at the start leads up to a pounding rolling bassline, where awesome fills & filtered stabs take us through to a vocal break. And talking about creatively used samples, the conversation samples generate a truly dramatic feeling. Literally.

And finally, as an olive in a cool martini, Denny Trajkov hits us with  2 new dance floor bangers sure to keep you and your friends dancing through these summer months.
Monster kicks, blazing live trumpets & funky beats combined for absolutely deadly records.
Put your hands up people, 'cos "Get Down" is slick, flawlessly funky, and totally danceable for a club or party that appreciates real House;
& thanks to his killer  "Millennium Park", Chicago's feature gets associated with another form of public art - massive record.
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