Friday, December 10, 2010

Fuel Up The Beat EP [arte002] by Dejan Dex

Artist: Dejan Dex
Title: Fuel Up The Beat EP
Featuring: Give It To Him, 3 In 1
Label: Artefact Records
Cat no: arte002
Release Date: 8th of September 2010
Genre: Funky, Jackin, House
Support: Nathan Coles, Eddie Amador, Tony Thomas, Sonny Wharton, Tom Blacksoul, Murray Richardson, Mr. Jones, Leigh Morgan, Jeff Vaz, Gonzalo Menoyo and many others around the globe...
The journey continues, & we feel like it's just about time to "Fuel Up the Beat".
The second release on our label comes from a very young talented Macedonian producer Dejan Dex.

In "Fuel Up the Beat" Dex is really pumping his sounds with jackin beats & funky baselines.
"Give It To Him" floats on a contagious rhythm that's gonna stick in your ears, making your head move,& "3 in 1" has it all: milky quirky melody, sugar coated bases & caffeine energizing vocals.
So whether you choose to consume your "dosage" in your armchair, or dancing your shoes out on the floor,Dejan Dex has ensured that you stay fueled up with great beats.

You can preview the tracks on our soundcloud page:
Dejan Dex - Give it to him
Dejan Dex - 3 in 1

Buy the tracks at:

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