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Out today...Massive! - Structures Of Life [arte016]

Massive! - Structures Of Life [arte016]


3.Gasp Out

Initial support by Omid 16b, Giom, Hector Moralez, Doc Link, Fish Go Deep, Jon Silva, DJ Tovar, Art Patrice, Tommy Largo, Miguel Graca, Murray Richardson, DK Watts, Bogdan Taran, Colin Sales (MOS), Mr. Jones, Norbert Borchers (HSH), Alfred Azzetto, Jonaz Martinez and the list goes on...

Massive! the solo project of Jordan Naumov one of the youngest Macedonian producers on the scene, comes with the first official release for Artefact Records called "Structures Of Life".

This release contains two new tracks and one track that was futured on Artefact's Summer Sampler. "Juicy" kicks things off with the right amount of deep sounds, strong bassline and slow drifting vibes with perfectly placed vocal snippets. Next up we have "Playtime", and it continues where Juicy left with a bit more stronger vibe and deeper sounds with a driving bassline along sexy female vocal samples. Last but not least is "Gasp Out" the track that has been futured on the Artefact's Summer Sampler, it keeps things rolling with it's stompy feel, bouncy bassline mixed with a female vocal and carefully chosen synth sounds that give the track a more techier feel.

All in all a three tracker that is ready for those late night sessions at the dance floor.

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Supported by:
Very solid tracks, especially Playtime and Gasp Out. Nice Prescription/Ron Trent vibe on both of those. Will play. ” Fish Go Deep 

cool stuff.....;-)” Franco Lenti

Juicy (Original Mix) NIce! Support” Alex Pich

Thanks! Support on Playtime for me! Lovely vibe!” Jonaz Martinez 

Juicy (Original Mix) Nice deep cut. Will definately support this one....exactly the type of track I love for my late night sets. Playtime (Original Mix) Nice rhythm track and I dig the vocal stabs. Must say that I perfer the first but that's just me. Overall nice track. Gasp Out (Original Mix) Really dig this one!! Love the gate on the drums and the bass line is surging. Deep yet techy.....driving while at the same time layers of depth that are spot on. 5 stars -Bruno Browning (producer/owner of Soulsupplement Records ” Bruno Browning

Juicy and Playtime. Great Ep! Nice old school vibe. ” Trevor Vichas

Juicy is dope ... Other tracks don`t really have anything special going on. Bit generic ... Professionally done though, just not creative enough..”  Soul Rebel One

Playtime is my favourite. Thanks :)” Colin Sales (Ministry Of Sound)

nice 3 track ep filled with deep tracks that would definitely work on the floor.” East End Music

Nice one Massive :)” Gur (Funkfield Rec)

Yeah nice plodding house grooves, nothing overly flash about them all but they are all extremely useful for mixing with in sets, thanks for sending.” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)

Playtime sounds nice to me, will try this” Bogdan Taran

Wow!!! What cool sounds!!! I like this shit!! :)” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)

I like Juicy the most. Thanks” Giom

really nice release...I am digging the minimal deep house vibes on this EP. Will Support for sure! ” DK Watts

great track !” Lorenzo al Dino

Really nice deep vibes, will support - Juicy is the pick for me” This is why we dance blog

Cool release” Miguel Graca

full 16bs of support omid / salah” Omid 16b

Cool deep cuts. Full support!” Gonzalo Menoyo

like JUICY best - full support” Murray Richardson

Loving the dubbiness of "juicy" & "playtime" but "gasp out" is the one for me. Will definitely drop in my set.” Tyrone Rose

solid release” Jon Silva

pretty good release!” Tom Sahs

thanks but too light” Stuart Millar

...really good package” Iceberg

Nice ep Massive - Juicy (Original Mix) for me! thanks!” Millok

Great work i live it! full support!” Ricky Teixeira

Deeper! I Love Juicy!” Sergie Rizzo

All the tracks are cool, good & fresh deep house, will try. Thanx; ” Bobi

Fantastic tracks! I really like Juicy, and will play them all, thank you! ~Lee” Lee Jarvies

nice one, all tracks are great” Art Patrice

great package will play for sure!” DJ Tovar

Nice release guys. Really digging the deep chugginess of these tracks, especially Juicy and Playtime. Thanks!”Brandon Bass

Specially for my sessions www.felixjr.com” Felix Jr

nice deep tunes! playtime is my favourite track” Tommy Largo

nice first release, nice slice of deep house that has my support. Good luck with it all! ” Dean Smith

noce again, hot release by Artefact! my favourite is Playtime: i love swallen grooves like this!” Didje Doo (Mesa Verde)

Nice one! Supporting!” Dudu Palandre

Juicy,juicy,juicy,superb !!!” Denny Trajkov

great work, support!!” Amir Groove

nica pack of groovy tunes!” Chi Recordings


Nice deep tracks. Will play some for sure.” Milos Resanovic Rescobar

Juicy in interessting but don't love the rest of the EP...too dark for us” Bart Soulfulbros

'Juicy' is quite DEEP! Not really feeling the other tracks though.” Sean McCabe

Cool tracks” Benjamin Rakun

thanks for the release will support!” Hector Moralez

All tracks sounds great for me at first listening. Will try it! thanks for sending” DJ Electric 
Great deep/tech influenced grooves here, really feeling the two opening tracks but the overall EP is solid. "Playtime" is superb, wicked deepness - full support!” Al Bradley

Playtime has a pretty nice groove!!!” Housetrap

Loving the vibes on Juicy and Massive - definitely get radio/club air time - Thumbs up! DJ Tito Pulpo - Save Our Soul

this is a strong package-juicy and gasp out are definately tracks i will play and support.many thanks for sending”Owain Bellis

Thanks for sharing the music of their artists. News of the material will be included in the next issue of the journal. We will send an email to edit the news. Greetings from Argentina” WMagazine

Nice tracks. Nothing outrages but nice fillers for a night.” Hippie Torrales

Solid pieces here! Thanks” Doc Link

Some nice material, but it's not quite for me” Craig Stewart

Thx for promo.... Nice one ” Alfred Azzetto


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