Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preview of the forthcoming EP "Lost Circus" by James Silk on Artefact Records

James Silk - Lost Circus EP  [arte017]
1.Friend Of Mine
2.Hazy Dayz
3.Trail To Buda

Liverpool born James Silk, is the newest addition to the Artefact records artist roster.
Relatively new producer on the House scene, James is far from inexperienced when it comes to music. Already released tracks for Open Bar Music, She/It Records, Cimelde Records and few other labels, debuts on Artefact with the three tracker called “Lost Circus EP” that is set straight for to the dance floor.

Starting with “Friend Of Mine” where James's clever usage of the vocal snippet from Incognito's Still Friend of Mine softly filtering thru the break down, and the mix with a deep bass line and modern tech sounds, shows his ability to connect the old with the modern in a great balance.

Hazy Dayz carries a lighter bounce with the funky influenced bass line, along with a creamy funky soulful vocal riding on a chunky rolling grooves, and a sweet disco riff filtering thru the grooves, a minimalistic approach with a great vibe.

Rounding off this flawless package, James takes us on a Trail To Buda, with the deep and crisp bass line and old school male vocal sublimed with an old school melody and an eastern male vocal that gives the atmospheric feel to the whole groove and right in the middle a rolling piano takes the whole track to a different level, whilst the vibe stays intact and delivers a joyfully emotional ride.

Fusing old school sounds with current dancefloor sensibilities James Silk is a new name that we are proud to have onboard at Artefact Records and a name that we are sure you will be hearing a lot more in the near future.

Lost Circus EP by artefactrecords

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