Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out today...James Silk - Lost Circus EP [arte017]

Out today, the newest signing to Artefact Records, James Silk's "Lost Circus EP".

Supported by Hermanez, Giom, Mikkel Wendelboe (Soulmagic), Alfred Azzetto, Al Bradley (3AM), Bogdan Taran, Colin Sales (Ministry of Sound), DJ Nutritious, Hector Moralez, Nachtvogels (Jonaz Martinez), Paul Pressure Radio, DK Watts, James Harrigan (Sub Club), Bruno Browning, Michael Fossati, Gonzalo Menoyo, Stuartt Millar, DJ Bonehead, Olivier, Brandon Bass and many others......

James Silk - Lost Circus EP [arte017]
1.Friend Of Mine
2.Hazy Dayz
3.Trail To Buda

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