Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Darko Milosevic & Darre - Dirty Symphony

     Darko Milosevic along with Darre are the next two Montenegrin producers that are signed to our label and bring us the 21st release, with their first track Dirty Symphony which was featured on our Miami WMC sampler and received very good feedback, a very powerful tech funky track, a mixture of a funky melody and a tech drive reinforced with a powerfull bass line aiming for that peak time on the dancefloor. 
    To make this release complete we asked our inhouse producer Freaky Funk to do a remix with his signature sound and he did just that and gave the track a new techier twist and prepared it for those late night parties. 
   Along those two tracks we have included two bonus tracks produced by Darko Milosevic, in which he shows a clever use of piano and trumpet samples, and gives the tracks a great deep feel and puts them into the more mature deep sound, but still maintains the funky vibe thru out the tracks.
     A great package for those summer late night beach parties.

Darko Milosevic & Darre - Dirty Symphony
1. Dirty Symphony
2. Dirty Symphony (Freaky Funk Remix)
3. Morning Lights
4. Gloaming
cat no.: ARTE021
release date: 15.05.2012

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Some feedback:
„Something for everyone on here!! Thanks” Doc Link
„really nice work, will play and air on my radio show on Ibiza Sonica” Amir Groove
„The Original of Dirty Symphony is wicked, really strong rolling groove, excellent. Freaky Funk's remix is also cool, not quite with the original for me, then I feel Morning Lights is the other pick - love the build-up in the track. Wicked!” Al Bradley
„Cool Ep, Freaky Funk remix for me is good and original! Thanks Arte!” Millok 
„always good deep sounds from artefact, will play these tracks fo sho!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„Groovy and uptempo jazz house grooves! Very nice!” Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg)
„love freaky funk work...been into a few of their bits of late..thanks” Demi (Sex on wax)
„Diggin these tunez. ” Trevor Vichas
„It would be cool to get longer samples” Miguel Graca
„DL for Omid 16B will get back to you if he likes thanks Richard” Omid 16b
„Def give some of these a spin when im back on radio :)” Paul Pressure Radio
„sounds good;)” Joan Ribas
„fantastic EP for my sessions...” Felix Jr 
„Solid EP. Freaky Funk remix and Gloaming are my favorite!” Me.N.U.
„The guys at Artefact Records are back with another solid release. Will be playing Darko Milosevic & Darre's "Dirty Symphony (Orig Mix)" in my sets this summer for sure! Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records” Bruno Browning
„Nice package morning lights mix working best for me......cheers...Dave.” DJ Dave Law
„awesome release, full support! my favourite? Dirty Simphony. train comin' on!!! thank you so much guys! :)” Didje Doo
„thanks some good ideas but not sure the production is correct for the club!” Stuart Millar
„thank you ! downloading for bln.fm . cool vibe . feelin freaky funk rmx most” BLN FM
„Morning Lights & Gloaming are the pick of the bunch for me, nice keys and sax riffs on both creating a good melody & vibe” DJ Lekkey
„Great release !!! "Morning Lights" and "Gloaming" are my choice.”
„Great music as usual. Thanks!” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Nice Ep! A bit of something for everyone.” Sampled Recordings
„LIke the deep but dirty feel.” T.Dizko
„nice pack here really diggin dirty symphony and gloaming great tunes ill be rockin those thanks for the promo!! :)”DJ Brian Kenneth
„Great tunes!!!” Vasko Netkovski
„Diggin this” Marques
„very nice!” DJ Electric
„Freaky Funk's remix of "Dirty symphony" is the one for me - those deep remorseless rhythms and luscious melodies are wicked...” Michael Fossati
„full support !” Lorenzo al Dino
„dig a couple of these..support for sure.” DK Watts
„It's all about MORNING VIBES. Deep experience. Thanks.” GKF Records
„Distinctive stuff, with plenty of energy” This is why we dance blog
„Perfect sound :)” X Twins
„nice vibes... particularly the freaky funk mix and morning lights for me...” Danny (dubbled.com)
„Morning Lights is my pick” Dez (Dezmix)
„absolutely love this!” Meri (Tribe.ee)
„Gracias por su contacto y musica ” WMagazine
„Nice tracks, thank you for sending.” Benjamin Rakun

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