Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dean Mickoski - Dreamless

Dean Mickoski, Macedonian born living in USA debuts on Artefact, with his release called Dreamless including his original mix that has a great vibe, beautiful deep driving melody and piano sounds and all incorporated with sporadic male vocal to form a package that reminds us on some great times for the house music not so long ago. To make this package complete we have included three remixes by Ramorae, LdM and F.North. LdM's remix is on the more deep relaxing chill sound side with a bit of dubtribe soundsystem feel in it and Ramorae's remix is more energetic tech house sound with a great beat as well as F. North's techier take on the original.

Dean Mickoski - Dreamless
1. Dreamless
2. Dreamless (LdM's Afro Re-Work)
3. Dreamless (Ramorae Remix)
4. Dreamless (F. North Remix)
cat no.: ARTE020
release date: 27.03.2012

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Initial support:
„cool stuff !!” Hermanez
„Liking the raw dubby groove of the Ldm remix. Will play that one.” Fishgodeep
„Like the disco samples and feel of the ldm afro rework most, thanks for sending :)” Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project)
„Great Work, Will play for sure! Original Mix is for me.” DJ Tovar
„digging the original” Berger
„Original for me...” Mr Andy Ash
„The Ldm Afro re-work is the best in my opinion and the original is ok.” Ally Dickson
„I'm feelin' the Ldm Afro Re-work)” Miguel Graca
„digging the Ldm afro re work...solid stuff here! ” DK Watts
„Nice atmospheric release, with some nice keys thrown in, pick of the bunch for me is the Ramorae Remix” DJ Lekkey
„yes fantastic release” Felix Jr
„original & ramorae rmx for me” Art Patrice
„good work;) downloading to check it louder;)” Joan Ribas
„Smooth tune diggin the groove” Marques
„I prefer the Ramorae Remix” Dez
„Nice release..Dreamless (Ramorae Remix) my favorite of the four. I can use all of these for transitioning up or down in a set. Good skills releasing this one...with labels always releasing one banger after another not many people these days are releasing great transitional tracks. ” Bruno Browning Soulsupplement Records
„Very cool sounds as usual :) Supporting!” Gonzalo Menoyo
„Nice grooves all over this baby B^}” Mysticvybes
„digging the Ldm and F. North remixes!” DJ Bonehead
„Thanks! I like the Ramorae mix best” Stuart Millar
„Really nice deep vibes, will support” This is why we dance blog
„Nice one again!” Milos Resanovic Rescobar
„The delectable original version is the one - smooth yet captivating rhythms and lascivious melodies make this floor weapon” Michael Fossati
„A strong variety of mixes here, the original is cool, plus Ramorae & F.North both provide solid beats, but the LdM Afro Re-work is something special, wicked deepness! ” Al Bradley
„all mixes has his flair, full support !” Lorenzo al Dino
„will try it!” DJ Electric
„The original mix is the one for me!” 815 Records
„its an ok release.” Tom Sahs
„nice slice of retrospective sounding deepness here. My stand out track is the percussive flavoured LDM afro rework. Nice piano's and enjoy the way it builds. One for when folks are locked in to the set, or early evening slow builders! ” Dean Smith
„Ramorae Remix for me !!!!” Denny Trajkov
„Full support friends! I like all tracks, but my favourit "Ldm Afro Re-work"... great!” Sergie Rizzo
„groovy! my fav is track4!” Chi Recordings
„original mix works best for my radio and dj sets.many thanks” Owain Bellis
„another great release!!!” Vasko Netkovski DJ Vaso
„Nice track ” Benjamin Rakun

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